Improve Response Time With Custom Dashboards And Reports


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Imagine driving your car without a dashboard. Envision a mechanic who doesn’t have a diagnostic tool to provide a detailed report of a vehicle’s mechanical health.

We really don’t think about how we depend on the dashboard of our vehicle, do we? Without it, how would you know when to get gas, change the oil, or how fast you are going? How would your mechanic know, out of the thousands of large and small elements of your car, what exactly is in working order and what’s not without some sort of way to get the vehicle to report back?

We would certainly have an excess expenditure of time, effort, and an accumulation of stress if not for a means to report on a car’s performance. Still, a car’s dashboard can only show and do so much. And even the most advanced automotive and diagnostic tools still aren’t nearly fast enough to suit our needs when our vehicle is ailing.

Fortunately that’s not the case with custom dashboard software.

The Need for Speed

A new Corvette is all about hitting 60 mph in 2.95 seconds in the same away dashboard software is the fast lane of gaining optimal functionality over your databases. This provides a quick, accurate way of monitoring and reporting data. A dashboard also offers a variety of report options and different display formats. And dashboard software is a fast way to park reports on your desk or desktop from a centralized place on your computer screen.

You’ve probably already used a rudimentary dashboard included in many off-the-shelf software—like accounting software, for instance. It doesn't take long to figure a dashboard out; they are meant to be intuitive and user-friendly. You need only set a few parameters to draw the needed data and display it in onscreen or print it.

Custom dashboard software can do more still by pulling the data of your choice and then arranging it with an even wider variety of layouts, views and templates tailored to meet not only the needs of your company but to the user’s specific tastes. Those engineering types may like graphic analytics with columns, bars and percentages viewed onscreen whereas the administrative folks would prefer data to be a textual hardcopy to scribble on.

Best of all, you can dashboard any kind of data.

The Pit Crew

Think of a race car driver pulling into a pit. In moments, their crew has run a diagnostic, retrieved necessary information, and responded quickly to the needs of the car & driver before sending them on their way.

A dashboard is like a pit crew for data. It simplifies data management and monitoring which all affect the way you make decisions for your company, and dashboard software does it quickly. Projections and forecasts are a breeze. No more cruising from database to database, tediously capturing what you need as you troll along. Nor do you have to waste resources and time pulling in irrelevant or sensitive data that you don’t want or need which clutters up reporting. You can even share your reports from the dashboard.

What a great user experience. A fast user experience.

If you’re ready to climb into the driver’s seat of custom dashboard software, contact The Intellection Group. They can set you up with speedy dashboard software. Or give them a call at (678) 283-4283 if you are simply seeking the best software talent for all your company’s needs.