Process Automation For Improved Efficiency


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process automation for improved efficiency

Ever watch an episode or two of the Jetsons? It’s an animated view of a futuristic world that has its entire business and domestic processes automated. Literally, everything is automated from having robotic pets to vehicles that fold themselves into briefcases. In the world of the Jetsons, automation meant that dropping your kids off to school was not a figure of speech.

George, the protagonist of the Jetsons, even had an automated computer nemesis aptly named Uniblab due to its predilection for tattling on George to his superiors. Fortunately, the mishaps that Uniblab created for George do not accurately portray the intention of this automation technology today. Now, business automation is developed to help, not hinder, by making businesses more cost-efficient to run.

What can Business Process Automation (BPA) do for you that Uniblab failed to do for George?

Onboarding Made Simple

Without automation, hiring employees is a time-consuming manual process for both the employers and the candidate. The company posts a classified add. The candidate responds by sending a resume with the hope it gets to the right person. If all goes well, the candidate comes in for an initial interview. However, perhaps the input of other personnel is required so multiple future interviews are scheduled. This results in lost time, loss of productivity, and paper documentation spread throughout departments-- especially if there was a popular response to the ad. And, some companies still endure this tedious, inefficient way of hiring. Some don’t by automating the process:

The candidate fills out an online form. It arrives in moments, before being distributed digitally to all relevant department heads. Then everyone can collaborate about the candidate from a central data base and make notes about the potential employee that all can comment on.

A manual process that could take days is now reduced to minutes without resumes, loose applications, and cover letters wallpapering the office. Relevant personnel can even interview the candidate online before summoning them into the office in this simplified onboarding process.

Accounting Processes

In this same way payment coupons, chits, gyros, manual invoices, statements, sales orders, collections, and pending payments in and out of the payables and receivable ledger are organized into simplicity with automated business processes. No more manual processes, clumsy attempts at reconciliations, lost checks, past due notices, or accumulating interest because you overlooked a payment. Every stage of the accounting cycle is managed. Financial projections are a snap because all your data is centrally located, not scattered hither and yon and even languishing at a bank somewhere. This greatly improves your company’s financial health.

Bonus: Any business process can be streamlined this way.

Unlike Uniblab, automated business processes improve efficiency, boosts productivity, and is user-friendly. Plus, it has make-ability. Automated Business Processes;

  • Make manual processes tidy

  • Makes for increased accuracy

  • Makes data more accessible

  • Makes processes transparent

  • Makes for easier collaboration

Imagine what automating business processes can do for customers who have come to expect paperless apps and one-click payments.

Make of it what you will, automated business processes makes everyone happy. Call it what you will…just don’t call it Uniblab.

If your company needs to re-organize into efficiency by automating business processes, contact the Intellection Group. They can take manual tedium right out of your hands and into an automated process with the best custom software talent. Or give them a call at 678-283-4283.