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My business needs have grown beyond my current technological capabilities, and I’m looking to upgrade my software.

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My current systems lack security and compliance, and I need a partner in securing my information.

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I have tried previous software solutions that didn’t deliver decreased operational costs or increased revenue, and I need a permanent solution to my problems with clear ROI.

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Who We Work With

For over a decade, we’ve taken the problems of numerous, niche market leaders, enterprise clients, and governmental agencies from various industries across the world and turned them into examples of pioneering software advancements. Looking to revolutionize your business efficiency? We’ll help turn your struggles into testimonies of your success.

Who We Are

We are an Atlanta based boutique software development firm using custom tech foundations to solve complex business problems. We love dissecting the daily challenges, hindering concerns, and growing pains you face. We share the load your issues have created in order to build intuitive systems that impact your operations and enable growth.


Determine If You’re A Fit

  • Are you struggling with automating processes (internal and/or external facing) that consume inordinate amounts of time?

  • Is your data decentralized? Are you mining your data as much as you think you should?

  • Are you struggling to keep up with regulatory requirements in your industry?

  • Do your existing systems propel your growth or are they sub-optimal, too expensive, or otherwise problematic?

  • Are your current systems effectively interconnected?

  • Have you sustained business loss from outsourcing development projects?

  • Does software development and/or IT have a chokehold on your business?

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 Core Offerings

The Intellection Group partnership model covers strategy and business requirements, prototypes, and full launch

Strategy and Problem Solving

Build a comprehensive strategy to plan for the future of your company.

Application Development and Custom Integration

Improve your business efficiency and scalability with custom-built mobile software to centralize information, integrate systems, and leverage automation.

Cyber Security

Understand threats and how we help mitigate vulnerabilities. Gain back your peace of mind and business integrity.


Our Process

We’re process light and execution heavy. This let’s us go beyond Agile Development approaches because experience shows that those processes, by themselves, don’t guarantee success because scope, preferences, and timelines change constantly. We identify low hanging, big bang opportunities to launch with quickly and then iterate based on your needs.

Step 1 - Dissect +

Most developers put your problems in their mold that just doesn’t fit. We break it. We start each business engagement seeking to dissect and understand the source of your business problem, so our product actually mitigates it instead of prolonging your issues.

Step 2 - Design +

In the software world, no two problems are the same. While most builders apply inflexible processes to your needs we focus on building custom designs that break the software solution mold. That means high-velocity delivery with a high success rate for a fraction of the cost.

Step 3 - Develop +

Our highly specialized teams get to work right away with our unique velocity development and release cycles. This way you can absorb the software changes at rates that help your company adopt and adapt to it efficiently.

Step 4 - Disrupt +

After final tweaks and alterations, it’s time to disrupt your industry and change the game. The last step is implementing your custom solution into your business so you’ll see user empowerment to fuel your growth for years to come.