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A high-energy, results-focused dedication to excellence has enabled TIG to consistently exceed client expectations for speed, quality, and innovation. Call 678-283-4283 to learn more.

Innovation, Collaboration, Business Results

We integrate off-the-shelf applications and components, including those from our own deep experience, to speed development and decrease risk and cost. In regulatory environments, we are careful to deliver programs meeting all mandates and restrictions while also developing solutions best tailored for our clients' success. TIG has versatile and deep technology and project management skills. By developing database architectures that ensure effective data mining and applying advanced techniques to data presentation, we have helped many organizations create flexible and scalable web-based solutions that give them a market advantage. We also have special expertise in new and emerging technologies such as voice recognition, text-to-speech, GPS, RFID, and natural language processing, where we hold patents in mobile multimodal natural language search.

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We Integrate Off-the-shelf Applications and Components

Accurate, up-to-date, and visually compelling information is critical to effective decision making. Many fast-growing organizations have an abundance of data but insufficient tools to make it accessible and understandable.

Our deep knowledge of data systems allows us to create custom solutions for extracting and communicating vital information. We begin each engagement by listening carefully. When we understand the source of your business problem, we propose a solution that can be implemented quickly and usually for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system. We then use proven processes and procedures to create a customized solution for empowering your users.

Throughout your project, we pay attention to the details, measure performance, give useful feedback, fine-tune our strategy, and attack issues head on.

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