The Intellection Group

We are a boutique software development firm out of Atlanta, GA using customized technology foundations to solve business problems for industries whose scalability is contingent on highly efficient and reliable systems.

Our Process

Every problem you have requires a solution that is completely unique. That’s why our process looks different for each project. We listen and learn to understand your needs, design a custom or semi-custom system based on your desires, develop with consistent communication, and disrupt your industry.

Step 1 - Dissect +

Most developers put your problems in their mold that just doesn’t fit. We break it. We start each business engagement seeking to dissect and understand the source of your business problem, so our product actually mitigates it instead of prolonging your issues.

Step 2 - Design +

In the software world, no two problems are the same. While most builders apply inflexible processes to your needs we focus on building custom designs that break the software solution mold. That means high-velocity delivery with a high success rate for a fraction of the cost.

Step 3 - Develop +

Our highly specialized teams get to work right away with our unique velocity development and release cycles. This way you can absorb the software changes at rates that help your company adopt and adapt to it efficiently.

Step 4 - Disrupt +

After final tweaks and alterations, it’s time to disrupt your industry and change the game. The last step is implementing your custom solution into your business so you’ll see user empowerment to fuel your growth for years to come.

How We Approach Development

We are process-light and execution-heavy to ensure you don’t have to wonder about your product’s development. If you have to ask for status updates, the line of communication is already broken. With The Intellection Group, everything is up to date in real time, not over sprints.

  • Smaller release cycles

  • Flexibility to incorporate change

  • Continuous communication on product quality and buildability

  • Continuous track of backlog for features and bugs

  • Optimized routines and workflows for daily builds

  • Consistent communication with transparent execution

  • Open feedback loops for constant improvement



A Guide to Best Practices


Why Intellection Group?

Our tailored planning, development and implementation strategies allow us to focus on technology outcome.

Technology is a means to an end. It is a tool that enables productivity, efficiency, reliability, and differentiation. We spend time understanding how technology solutions enable your strategic vision, and we create a build team that brings it to life.

We’re partners.

We're in it for the long haul. Talented developers who've worked on a system continuously make far fewer errors and prevent waste. We build a team specifically for your needs, and practice visibility and clarity at every stage. With extensive communication with clients, we can produce desired results efficiently and ensure that you remain in control.

We’re experts at our craft. And for us, it is a craft.

Our deliberate, responsive, applied decisions set our teams apart. Unencumbered by process and enabled with vision, we’re able to translate strategy into reality to help you evolve.

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