BIS Technologies

Remove the guesswork from making your clients money.

As a Private Equity Firm, you thrive when your clients thrive. We’ve created a way to see that happen consistently and predictably. The BIS, or Business Intellect Solutions, enables you to make smarter decisions easier and more money faster.

Private Equity Solutions That Make A Difference

Address broken processes +

When processes are built with a lack of automation, there's a breakdown in effenciency. Address these with an intelligent system that eliminates breakdowns for you.

Automate Laborious Tasks +

Automate the tasks that need it most. Assignments prone to human error and time intensive tasks can be reduced or even eliminated with creative a creative BIS solution.

Create a creative culture +

Implementing a BIS system allows you to truly adopt a culture of creativity and elevated problem-solving. The BIS system grounds employees in operations that eliminate problems, not work around them.

Plan your future +

With the BIS system in place, you will have data and historical analytics to track your past performance, identify where to improve, and create a vision for the future.

Advance technological skills +

The modern age requires next level thinking. The BIS system allows companies to develop technological skills and savvy to accelerate their growth into the tech-needy future.

Stay ahead of the curve +

Predictabilty is your friend in the financial sector. The analytics that the BIS system provides means you have the valuable insights you need to make the best decisions that will make money for you and your clients.

Create a science out of maximizing returns


The BIS system serves as a repository of your firm’s institutional knowledge. All fund and cash flow data are housed within a historical hierarchy. This helps track all financial growth, dips in return, and even allows deep-dive insights for valuable and actionable reporting at all levels, including portcos, fund administration, cash flows, valuations, and distributions.

Perhaps best, you no longer have to rely on local Excel data for mission-critical decision-making. This means reduced errors, much less manual data entry, and less redundancy while allowing your data to scale as you grow.

Employees will love the rapid reporting, analysis, and modeling capabilities that eliminate hours of manual processes. BIS offers all this with easy and secure access for all employees.


Data centralization you need to evolve as a firm

Real-time reporting is key to making the best decisions and eliminating company errors. The BIS system ensures all data comes from one centralized, real-time data source. This means no more data duplication among employees, no more answer variation due to obsolete information, and no more waiting on data to be uploaded. You can rely on a single, up-to-date source of the truth.

  • Data view configuration

  • Excel integration

  • Instant portfolio access

  • Deep-look analysis

  • Real-time data view

  • Firm operations visibility

  • Reduce errors

  • Complete audit trail