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The Problem

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense needed to transition to a software solution that allowed them to keep up with their growing demand and workload.

Despite being in the EU and NATO, Bulgaria is a relatively poor country compared to many others, and while they sought to be good NATO partners, they lacked the funds for things like modernization and IT advancements. This proved to be a true achilles heel when you consider that they were handling many issues that in other countries would be handled by agencies. For instance, Bulgaria’s Ministry of Defense largely took on the responsibilities for what we in the U.S. would consider to be in the scope of FEMA or OSHA, and this precedent meant the need for modernizing their operations was imperative.

The issue wasn’t that their previous option wasn’t working out. It was that one didn’t exist. Prior to The Intellection Group’s work, all work was done on paper. This means they had few real controls to track their work which meant nepotism and favoritism was rampant.

The Solution

Simple. Build a dependable ground up software solution that allowed them to:

  • Handle extensive responsibilities and internal departments

  • Maintain explicit documentation to eradicate favoritism

  • Uphold standards of excellence of the department

  • Defend against any breaches of data or lapses in cyber security

  • Establish an effective English language program

  • Support 50,000+ uniformed personnel

No small task, but with The Intellection Group’s extensive build library, establishing a custom build that fit the mold was easily within scope. After being granted the bid from the U.S. Army (who funded the project) their goal was to inject innovation, creativity, and competition into the country.

Working closely with the government and military stakeholders, a wireframe in both English and Bulgarian was established, the scope of work was signed off on, and the rest was left to The Intellection Group’s normal, super-agile software development approach to actually building and implementing the system.

When asked about the priority with the build, The Intellection Group co-founder, Dave Bernard, said, “Security, for one thing. We were the first software vendor to pass the military's security audit on the first try. It needed to be custom-built because there was no significant prior system and any off-the-shelf candidate solution would have required quite a bit of customization anyway.”

The Results

In ensuring the build was to their specifications, the wireframing was key; in actuality, the Bulgarian MoD really didn't know much of what they needed the system to do. We were able to model what we built on a subset of existing US government systems requirements. 

To speak to the specific results, most of the information is classified; however, to this day, The Intellection Group’s development team independently supports the system.

In addition to accomplishing all initial goals, the build wound up sourcing about 100 workstations that were deployed throughout the country, and still does to this day.

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