Custom Software & SaaS Development

For those looking for industry revolution we

provide the digital spark

We specialize in building software tailor-made to your exact needs. Most “off-the-shelf” software rarely offers actual solutions, just more technology you have to either “work around” or further customize. Investing in web-based technologies and multimodal application development can help turn internal processes into efficient automation.

Software That Offers Solutions

Centralize Information +

Avoid disorganized and duplicated information. We specialize in organizing your data in easy to use systems.

Automate Tasks +

Save time and money by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks. This way you get back to what you’re best at.

Reduce Paperwork +

Make clutter and disorganization a thing of the past. Easy to retrieve files and information make life easy and your time more profitable.

Save Money +

Our custom built software solutions often cost less than poor fit, off-the-shelf options.

Fast Launch +

Ready to get up and moving with your new software? We often start launch cycles within a few weeks after the start of the build.

High Success +

Software failure is a real thing. Our approach has a high success rate and is tailored to your every possible need.

 Software & SaaS Solutions


Our software builds offer a revolutionary option for your operational efficiency. We build an interface, both mobile and web, from the ground up that allows you to solve virtually any business problem you face. From communication to data entry and management to task automation, we can put you in better contact with your suppliers, partners, customers, and employees to stay in control of your information and organization.

Our builds come from both our extensive industry expertise and our robust software development library that enables us to provide high quality, cost-effective, custom or semi-custom applications and systems within relatively short development cycles at a much lower cost than our competitors.

With our release cycles and high software success rate, we’re able to ensure your builds are designed to last and released quickly.


Multimodal Technologies for Mobile Intuition

We develop mobile applications with multimodal technologies as practical tools for improving business efficiency and opportunities. This flexibility promotes mutual disambiguation through graphics, text, and audio interfaces to improve accuracy, performance, and robustness. These Avatar outputs include

  • Speech

  • Text

  • Ink

  • Body attitude

  • Gaze

  • RFID

  • GPS

  • Touch input