5 Ways To Gain Competitive Advantage With ERP Software


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5 Ways To Gain Competitive Advantage With ERP Software

Time is money. Time is a resource. On demand, on time, real time, response time—all of these terms leaked into business vernacular for a reason; to save time is to save money by becoming more responsive. Saving time and money gives your company a competitive edge. After all, it's always the horse with the fastest time that wins the race and seizes the purse.

Most information technology, old and current, was developed to save time. Even rudimentary, off-the-shelf software curbed the time spent on repetitive tasks …even if it was just finding some time to waste at the race track.

We’ve had our share of software to simplify tasks, yet most of them aren’t very integrated. It costs time and money having to switch from software to software, database to database, and perform manual tasks to reconcile software limitations. But, you no longer need be saddled to inefficient processes now that ERP is at the starting gate, ready to explode out to put more time and money in your purse by speeding up the way your data is managed. ERP makes your organization more responsive.

ERP Automates Tasks

This reduces the amount of valuable time spent on repetitive tasks and improves accuracy. Everyone becomes more productive and overall efficiency is greatly improved. This also eliminates redundant data so you and your employees can turn toward activities that add real value, like decision making.

ERP Improves Decision Making Processes

No more dawdling and agonizing because you don’t know if the data needed to make critical decisions is reliable and complete. Shared databases mean there’s no more wandering from department to department searching for the input of others or to find missing data. From a single computer screen you can pull all the information you need to make streamlined decisions—fast. This automatically means…

ERP Software Enhances Internal Communication

When everyone has access to the same data there’s no question that integrative communication reduces confusion and misunderstandings when the usual interdepartmental information blocks are removed. And speaking of integration;

ERP Brings Customers and Suppliers into the Cycle of Value

No longer spectators at the track, the people who give your company horsepower in the first place are included in the loop. With ERP software you have the ability to collect specific data in a timely fashion from your customers so you better know them and their needs. Even your suppliers become partners in strategy. This is made possible because …

ERP Reaches Outside the Organization

Extension modules of ERP software include CRM, help you to pull together your relationships with clients. SCM better manages your supply chain.

But don’t stop there; ERP can boost response time by organizing production, manufacturing and human resources data. Any database or process can be boosted to optimal functionality and efficiency and made super responsive with ERP.

And you may notice the cumulative effect of improving accuracy, communications, and better data management is going to save some coin. Reducing costs always gives you the competitive edge. Custom ERP software even saves time by the virtue of its modular existence. It’s literally built in incremental modules so you can easily have modules added to keep up with the growth of your company, providing total adaptability.

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