How Companies Take Advantage Of ERP Software


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how companies take advantage of ERP software

With the growing number of business and technical blogs publicizing the many benefits of ERP software, you are probably already aware of the most common ways companies take advantage of enterprise resource planning.

The most well-known reasons companies adopt ERP are for the integration of manual and automated processes, which promotes:

  • Efficiency

  • Cost savings

  • Increased productivity

Information Technology’s Most Excellent Adventure

Sound boring? All of this is important. It sounds uncool but it does boost profit margins, which is way cool. Unfortunately, lots of uncool companies get all bogus and fail to seize ERP advantages. Perhaps they fear it’s too cost prohibitive or too risky a proposition during economically tense times that make us want to chill out about technology in general.

But then there are enterprises that want... adventure!

They want to begin to make business better now rather than later. Those organizations are aware of the lesser known but equally profitable (and exciting) solutions that enterprise resource software provides.

Because an ERP business software solution is about more than just saving money and being all busy and stuff. It offers excellence that the boring dudes don’t often talk about, like, you know, totally rad cloud computing.

Customer Service

Be excellent to each other. ERP provides most excellent and unbogus customer service. It’s increasingly easier to offer the highest quality service with an enterprise resource solution. Your customer service and sales dudes can rap without the static, or rather, communicate seamlessly with an ERP solution in place. Which promotes better relationships with those who depend on you most—your most excellent clients.

Regulatory Compliance

No more iron maiden. The most heinous man cometh down heavy with constantly shifting and confusing industry specific regulations. With custom ERP business software regulatory compliance is no longer an iron maiden but a breeze to manage.


Get out of the phone booth and come into the 21st century. With the mobility that ERP business software offers, you can work from home or any place you have your phone or tablet. Maybe you can’t work from the future but….well, mobility is the future. But it's also the present and the future… but now.

If You Guys Are Us, What Number Are We Thinking?


Which is most righteously about the future. You have all these cool tools for keeping up to date with instant access to the most accurate and righteous information. That means the most realistic forecasts and estimates. You want the most righteous business, right?


You don’t have to be like the straight-cuff dudes. ERP business software should be totally like robust and flexible. No bogus boxed software for your company, but software tailored uniquely to industry specifics and specific needs of your company. If your software grows with your business you don’t have to keep buying grawdy software to accommodate growth. ERP software grows with you.


We are in most excellent shape for our customizable report. Complex reporting is, you know, complex. ERP software guarantees the easiest, most user-friendly reporting. Your cool dudes don’t have to ask help from the science lab nerds to run a report. Everyone has more time for important projects—or catching some rad waves.


Hackers are bogus! You want your company’s data to be Napoleon-safe and ERP software offers consistent data security without the crazy. Built-in resources also means you can limit and expand access to data, no problemo.

If you want your own excellent ERP adventure contact the most righteous Intellection Group. They have the best, totally rad IT talent. Or give them a call at 678-283-4283.

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