What Is The Purpose Of ERP Software?


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What Is The Purpose Of ERP Software?

With all this heated talk about high-handed and ineffective government, don’t you wish we could just make our own custom-designed government? A governing body designed to listen to us and obey its own law & codes—one that works all the time and, in doing so, improves our communications, fattens our wallet, broadens our economy's horizons, and expands the way we do business.

Guess what?

You can have all that and more.

Well, at least your business can have its own central government. That is the central purpose of ERP software—to efficiently govern your critical business data.

Give Me Liberty!

ERP’s primary purpose is to 1) improve communication, and easily, without enforcing a freedom of information act. Equally, it’s central intent is to boost productivity. Whilst our usual experience of government emphasizes misplacement of data as a norm, your ERP governing system is purposed with better management and organization of your business.

Think of business software that can reduce and expand all at once, thus satisfying every political agenda. ERP software simplifies business processes and, coincidentally, limits redundant work staff who are often employed to manage manual tasks that are incompatible with legacy software. Unlike some institutions we may be reminded of, imagine not having dozens of aides, interns, temps and lackeys to complete a single task.

How does ERP accomplish what bureaucrats cannot?

ERP connects by integrating numerous business processes and departments, so they work together instead of against each other or your employees, and allows your company to send communications, without manual intervention, to virtually anyone. This also serves to champion new clients whilst retaining your existing customer base. ERP business software helps you to better serve your people.

This business-oriented software creates an easy environment for better decision making. Accuracy also improves as manual processes are integrated into the business cycle. ERP also expands the growth potential for any business. All of this boosts productivity and reduces costs. Guaranteed, someone will immediately take notice of a 5K gold-plated hammer.

The New Revolution

When comparing ERP software to the typical government, the news only gets better. Implementing ERP not only can be achieved within a practical budget, it's advisable to do so—quite a revolutionary idea for a governing body.

  • Unlike some offices of the highest power, ERP is designed to be reliable.

  • Heightened security features keep digital espionage at bay. Your data will not mysteriously end up with your competitors.

  • Instead of sticking to a rigid party line, ERP ensures flexibility.

ERP software is wholly powerful but not a power that corrupts.

CIA (Computerized Information Agent)

Like existing government bodies, the one thing ERP business software cannot escape is the alphabet “agents.” However, these agencies exist only to optimize business management instead of merely meddling with it.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management. Creates dynamic relationships with your clients.

PLM: Product Lifestyle Management. Helps you to better manage your products.

SRM: Supplier Relationship Management. Organizes delivery and costs related to necessary supplies.

SCM (Distribution) Supply Chain Management. Optimizes logistics and delivery of your product.

ERP also helps manage ever-changing and tiresome regulations coming from other governing bodies without drama, war, filibusters, stumping, rallies, or slush funds. Best of all, you will never look at your business software and wonder just how you managed to get into office, You have total managerial control over your ERP.

If your business is ready for a new governing body, contact The Intellection Group . They can help arm your company with the best software talent for your ERP revolution. Or give The Intellection Group a call at 678-283-4283.

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