What Is The Right Business Software For Your Company?


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Have you ever planned and executed the perfect vacation? Then, rest assured, you can choose the right business software for your company. As with the best vacations, you need to know where business software is going to take you. The reasonable expectation is that both will take you someplace fabulous.

Okay so maybe you’ve been on some bad vacations. That's usually the result of poor planning and unrealistic expectations. The most fabulous vacations, the ones we really invest careful thought into before hand, are the most memorable ones. Perhaps you had some help planning and executing a getaway with the help of a travel agent?

Custom software has travel agents of sorts, too. They're called software designers.


Planning for business software should resemble planning a fabulous vacation that fulfills your wants and needs. Sure you can get a prepackaged weekend getaway if you need a brief respite which equates to buying off-the-shelf software. If you really need to get away from the rigors of physical or intellectual labor you’d carefully budget, plan, and choose a vacation where you don’t have to do much but relax while everything is done for you. Like a cruise.

Your company may need cruise control to automate certain functions or integrate functions so you can take a break from manual minutia and attend to really important matters. But your cruise needs to be flexible and so does your software. If bad weather should strike, the captain of the ship alters the course of the cruise. The best business software also delivers that kind of flexibility and scalablity.

Or maybe you need a va-cay that broadens your horizons. Conversely, choose a customized software that also helps grow your business.

All Aboard

The first easy step in knowing which is the right software for your company is knowing your industry. You want industry specific software because you don't plan for a cruise if you hate water. (If you don’t know your industry, it's time for a vacation).

Fix your budget. Everyone has a cost in mind for vacations and so it is with business software.

Word of mouth. You read travel magazines, resort reviews, and ask friends and family which vacations are the best, yes? Same with software. You can even inquire what sort of software your competitors use.

You may check out several travel agents to see what services and advice they provide. In business, you consult with software vendors and designers to determine which software is right for your business.

In-house or cloud? Vacations can be local or abroad. Business software can operate in-house or you can take advantage of the many benefits operating on the cloud offers.

You don’t plan to visit the tropics during hurricane season. Software implementation plans should be just as practical. Everyone is excited to get underway with their vacation but realistically, the best of them are planned for well in advance. The better prepared you are the easier the implementation is.

Unfortunately, vacations don't come with a post-vacation maintenance plan. However, the best software should.

Great software will integrate all processes with a CRM, for instance, and an accounting system plus automate manual tasks. The goal is to integrate as much as possible the way an inclusive vacation at a sweet resort does.

Feeling overwhelmed....but still ready to take your company to new places with custom business software? Then contactThe Intellection Group. They can take you to your business software destination. Or give them a call at 678-283-4283.

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