How Cloud ERP Software Can Add Value To Your Business




How Cloud ERP Software Can Add Value To Your Business

If you are not familiar with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it is integrated software which pulls together all the functions your company currently uses until they operate interdependently instead of separately. Or, simply put, different software is designed to work together while manual processes become automated.

How do you know if ERP software can add value to your company?

First, you begin by pinpointing where your current processes are sucking value from your business.

Shop Vac

An acquaintance of ours works for a medium-sized fabrication shop. She was hired specifically to make up for the fact that the company’s pieces of software don't play well together. Every process is independent of the other and somehow has to be made to mesh at the end of the day, end of the week, and end of the month. The organization’s once useful manufacturing software is now a glorified filing cabinet reduced to assigning job numbers and purchase orders, but can’t provide the sort of tracking needed to record billable hours per job. The accounting software wants nothing to do with this mess so running a profit and loss statement is a Herculean task. Tracking or finding any sort of data easily is an exercise in uncertainty. This company needs ERP software.

Does your organization experience similar scenarios?

If it does, you may have a value vacuum; a time and energy suck on your bottom line.

You could benefit from custom-designed ERP software.


How do value vacuums occur?

Unfortunately, we cause them.

Short-term bandages and patches turn into long-term, faulty life-support systems due to inertia; we get comfortable with chaos. Or perhaps so much busy work is being made that everyone is too busy to sit down and plot out a long-term solution. Even worse, sometimes the solution seems to be uploading even more redundant software or adding another tedious manual process. We won’t even mention the ensuing stress which results from being unable to locate exactly where a particular project or task is at in the "process." That can make companies appear unprofessional or disorganized, and customers notice that.

More signs that valuable resources are being hoovered into the value vacuum:

  • Employees constantly complain about software (and possibly about you).

  • Routine tasks take an inordinate amount of time.

  • Staying competitive becomes harder when otherwise simple tasks like returning quotes or checking product availability turn into drudgery.

  • Your accounting functions never seem to properly reflect what you think they should.


Fortunately, ERP software can reverse the vacuum so value is sucked back into your organization where it belongs.

Enterprise resource planning software restores value by eliminating unnecessary, resource-robbing steps, processes and software. It also slashes the associated extra labor costs and transforms your core business processes into smoothly functioning, streamlined, and integrated processes. Data retrieval is automated instead of time-consuming. Databases are hosted on the cloud for easy access and use.

Technological resources necessary to keeping your company running clean are finally compatible with each other. Every function and process pulls together instead of employees trying to pull it all together by struggling with the limitations of incompatible software.

ERP software custom-designed for your organization and its unique demands reclaims value by restoring:

  • Functionality

  • Flexibility

  • Efficiency & production

  • Streamlined processes and reporting.

If your company is suffering from a value vacuum, contact the Intellection Group to learn more. They can help your system clean up its act. Or, if you are simply looking for the best talent for all your IT outsourcing needs, give a call at (678) 283-4283.

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