Use Custom Software Development To Integrate Mobile Into Your Business




Use Custom Software Development To Integrate Mobile Into Your Business

Hank is having a bad day at the office. His yearning for innovative technology backfired in a way it never has before. After all, his company’s data is securely backed by a cloud-hosted service. Shirl, his secretary (who claims he hasn’t a technological urge in his body), signs onto a virtual desktop and uses VoiP.

Still, Hank envisions a day when his storefront and warehouse can close, and the annoying Shirl stashed away in a home office to work remotely. Then he can hit the road and connect with clients and shippers to grow a drop-ship business. Not content with just a mobile web presence, mobile apps loomed large in his dream.

Hank then discovered he could make his own mobile app online. Why not? He's tech savvy in spite of what Shirl says.

Although it took several months, he managed to make three separate apps; one for customer orders, another for order status, and finally, one to take payments. Then with a flourish, a fourth; now shippers can plug right in and check inventory.

That will show Shirl, he thought.

However, only trouble showed up.

Shirl: A woman on line 1 wants to know why the mobile app isn’t working.

Hank: (knowingly): Tell her to reboot her iPhone.

She has Android.

Oh! Hank cried, smacking his head. Well, no problem. There’s a DIY app for Android!

For Windows phone, too? Shirl replied, peering into her monitor. Hank, have you considered custom software for your mobile app development? Why aren’t orders from your app hitting the accounting system?

Never mind that, just take the customer’s request!

She’s taken her business elsewhere. Perhaps you’d like to speak to an expert for guidance about custom software?  Or to the shipper on line 2? He says a credit card is now required to check our inventory. Line 3 claims our company logo appears vaguely obscene on his new tablet.

Poor Hank. Building a mobile app seemed easy. Making the app integrate with inventory and accounting software, not to mention the diverse technology of those associated with his business, was hard.

Problems not solved by creating another DIY app, Shirl said under her breath, but by a mobile app deployed by custom software.

Hank thinks of all the advantages mobile apps held for him going up in smoke.

...Collaborating remotely with his clients  *pfft*

...Streamlining company operations *poof*

...Productivity, efficiency, the home office—the mobility!

And taking mobile payments, scheduling on the fly, and providing tailor-made service and value to your customers. Custom software for mobile apps makes a company stand out, Shirl added, enjoying his dilemma.

Mobile apps should provide solutions, not problems, Hank realized.

Focus on growing your business, Shirl advised. Let a developer who already worked these bugs out create a mobile app with custom software that will do what your apps are supposed to yet integrate with our operations. Then you can provide a friendly experience customers enjoy using in spite of the disparity between their mobile platforms.

Seeing mobile app development (and his secretary) in a new light, Hank blinked. That’s what I need! Custom software!

Shirl sauntered to his workstation. Seating herself on his desk, she crossed one leg over the other. You need a partner, Hank, she purred, leaning nearer.

Alarmed, Hank scooted away. W-what are you s-saying, Shirl?

She handed his mobile phone over. Contact the experts. They can help.

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