3 Reasons To Consider Mobile App Development For Your Business?




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Confessions Of An App-A-Phobic

May 1st, 2017

The Boss is really pushing this mobile app development scheme. The developers came in today for the umpteenth time to partner with us. The designers, as they preferred to be called, even asked for my input about the project.

I told them I do not mess around with mobile apps.

They are addictive.

May 2nd

...I also heard mobile apps collect information about you that can end up on your permanent record.

May 5th

Do not tell me mobile apps are not addictive. One out of every two young adults is using now. That is a pandemic.

May 8th

Boss gave me the old "efficiency lecture" for not having coffee available for the mobile app development meeting.  And so what if his wife has an app so lattes can be ordered, paid for, and delivered from Celestial Brew right from her mobile? I do know Java has two meanings!

I do!

May 15th

Another app development meeting. I had to use the Celestial Brew app today to get refreshments for it. You can not get hooked from using an app just one time, can you?

May 21st

The Boss told me to summarize the key benefits resulting from deployment of custom mobile application development and distribute them to all employees in advance of launching our new mobile apps.

I knew it.

He is a pusher.

May 22nd

Still totally against mobile application development but research is interesting in a know-your-enemy sort of way.

I had no idea mobile applications increase work place productivity. (Some amphetamine-type effect?)

Mobile apps also:

  • Make your company visible at all times; customers have near-constant connectivity which results in enhanced sales and customer support & service.

  • Increased brand recognition makes your company competitive.

So innovative, so innocent sounding. Makes you wonder what mobile app development is a gateway to?

May 28th

Every time I see that dang Celestial Brew app on my mobile phone I think about getting a cup of Joe from them.

May 29th

Hmmm...They do have good coffee.

May 29th

Oh… the company's new mobile apps are on my cell phone now.

May 31st

I am so ashamed but I could not help myself. That check needed to be deposited like yesterday and we have this new mobile banking app and everything...

June 1st

I can check account balances from the app, too?

June 11th

Celestial Brew sent a coupon for a free caramel vanilla latte, my favorite. How’d they know that about me? I guess it doesn’t matter if it goes on my permanent record. It is just coffee.

June 12th

You know this app is easy to use. Fun, too.  Pity they are a menace to society.

June 13th

I worked from home today using our mobile apps. They say isolating yourself is the first sign of a problem. I may be developing a dependency but I feel very connected.

June 16th

Ha! The sales department had to work overtime today filling orders. We had a 15% increase in sales just since the app was launched. Weird huh?

June 20th. 

I am NOT addicted to mobile apps.

(True, I have been drinking too much coffee lately.)

Got some folks in your organization with app-a-phobia? Or merely reluctant to explore the many benefits mobile application development can give to your company? Perhaps you are not paranoid at all but are looking for the best talent to help with your mobile app development? Contact the Intellection Group — they can help. Or give them a call at (678) 283-4283.