3 Indicators Your Business Is In Need Of Custom Software


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3 Indicators Your Business Is In Need Of Custom Software

Experts are warning of a particularly virulent malaise known as software deficiency. While not exactly threatening to human life, software deficiency will slow the pulse of your organization. Symptoms range from mild to severe and are usually noticed in others around before you realize you have the deficiency yourself. Symptoms are often masked or mistaken for something else but nearly everyone exposed to this affliction will experience continuous headaches. Your company will also

 endure a marked lack in growth.

You see, if decreased productivity and efficiency isn’t caused by inertia and mistakes aren’t due to inattentiveness …your organization probably has custom software deficiency.

How can you know for sure?

Do your competitors have custom business software?

If they do, that will not grant your organization herd immunity. Also be careful to not cut yourself on the competitive edge the competitor has. If your competition is well-equipped with up-to-date custom software automating their processes and managing their data, you can bet your company will suffer for it. Then it is time to crawl from your sick bed with a regiment of custom-made software. Several integrated modules for the life of your company should do it.

Are customers avoiding you …like the plague?

Then you may have software deficiency. Worse, your customers may quarantine themselves at the aforementioned competitors. Your suppliers could be nervous that whatever ails your company might be catching. But when custom software levels are high, your customers are in touch and connected. You have the relevant information needed to better service clients and offer increased responsiveness to their needs. You can even offer more value with-user friendly mobile apps to make everyone feel better. Suppliers no longer lurk at the fringes of the infectious zone and are happily engaged as strategic partner with your company. And a shot of custom software isn’t just for administrative processes. The stoic “I’m never sick” manufacturing and production organizations can greatly improve their business's growth with the dynamic boost that custom software gives to any enterprise.

Do you know where your data is?

If not, the good news is that you don’t have dementia; your company has deficiency. You know you have it when your employees continuously trudge from database to database and program to program to locate and organize data for reporting. If your reports are incomplete, dotted with redundancies, and the layouts are blah it’s time to for a stimulant.

This is also a communicable disease; it affects the way you collaborate and share information.

Now you may be tempted to self-medicate with OTC software. That’s merely temporary relief and eventually causes more malaise down the road for everyone—you, your company and its employees. Nor should you be tempted to smooth over this syndrome with heavy manual tasks to reconcile the deficiencies in your system. After all, by this time…you probably need the rest.

Do as the doctor orders and check out custom business software tailored to the specific needs of your company. Panaceas include enterprise resource planning and custom mobile applications. Feel some real relief with software that optimizes and best manages customer databases, supply chains, human resources, production, delivery, and manufacturing processes. You can even integrate these processes and pull data instantly to perk up reporting in a healthy heartbeat. You have everything you need and nothing you don’t—including persistent headaches.

If you need a treatment for software deficiency, contact The Intellection Group. They have the cure for what ails you when your company comes down with software deficiency. Or give the Intellection Group a call at (678) 283-4283.

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