Are You Taking The Right Cyber Security Steps To Ensure Your Business Is Safe?


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are you taking the right cyber security steps

When you combine the incidents involving malicious and inadvertent insiders, they dwarf any other computer security threat.

The Data Can't Be Ignored!  According to a recent study, among 874 incidents, 65% were caused by employee or contractor negligence; 10% by outsiders using stolen credentials; and 22% by malicious employees and criminals.

A comprehensive cyber security plan for any business leader should include, at a minimum, a strategy and game plan to address these 6 Key Considerations:

  1. IDENTITY & ACCESS MANAGEMENT.  Ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources at the right times, and for the right reasons.

  2. INSIDER THREAT MANAGEMENT.  Risks from malicious and inadvertent insiders dwarf any other computer security threat that your company faces.

  3. VENDOR RISK & SECURITY MANAGEMENT.  Many recent high-profile government and corporate security breaches have stemmed from this difficult to control vector.

  4. FACILITIES SECURITY.  Physical access control of your offices and business systems from intrusion and intentional damage or theft.

  5. PENETRATION TESTING.  A multi layer process of automated + manual scanning of networks, systems, apps, and access portals.

  6. REPUTATION MANAGEMENT.  You business crisis management plan should include what to do if you discover a gap in your cyber security, and someone with bad intentions has exploited it.

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