Benefits Of Mobile App Development For Business




Benefits Of Mobile App Development For Business

Please welcome our guest bloggers, the Beatles. This week the Fab Four discusses the many benefits of mobile app development for your company.

Money (That’s What I Want)

Did you know that mobile apps save businesses 7.5 hours of time, per employee, per week? That’s an entire workday, mate, if you factor in an unpaid half-hour of lunch. A whole extra day of productivity. That’s like getting an extra working day without having to budget for associated costs. And if you're a very groovy boss, those extra hours could make a four-day work week a reality. Imagine: a Monday-free workplace and no overtime, too.

 Or, be a Mean Mr. Mustard and just pocket the excess.

At any rate, weigh that scenario against not having any sort of mobile technology at all. Not only do you miss out on all the cost savings mobile app development provides—projected at $17.6 billion even all the way back in 2011—you’re left with loss of connectivity with customers and inability to compete—not only now but in the future. You can’t carry that weight a long time.

And remember mate, without mobile app development, you’ll be working 8 days a week to make up for the resulting shortfall.

Life goes on. Get a ticket to ride the mobile application train or become the sole member of the Lonely Hearts Club of Commerce.

I Want to Hold Your Handheld

Wondering how to get your hands on a mobile app?

Relax. One of the many benefits of mobile app development is that a professional will build it for you. And, the best development teams insist you are part of the team so you don’t have to worry about ending up having some crazy, Day Tripping software delivered to you.

But before you rush off all helter-skelter into your new role as software developer, take a moment and savor a few more benefits of mobile software development. It’s not just about the money, after all.

But since you’ve brought up the topic of money, (that’s what I want) remember that the cost of any mobile app development is an investment in your company, not some impulse purchase plopped onto the expense account. So not only do you get top-notch technology, you have a solid technological portfolio to boot. This keeps investors happy and your accountant busy. Baby, You’re A Rich Man!

Mate, you save a lot of money with mobile apps by staying competitive and standing out from the competition. Investing in mobile app development means an app will earn for you as well.

Better connectivity with your increasingly mobile customers means an increase in sales. You can send notification of sales, promotions, events, and even offer e-coupons via a mobile app. Mobile app development can Buy You Love! Your customers love how you’ve given them value and simplified their lives. That equates to brand loyalty.

Mobile apps also serve as advertising, and act as a brand ambassador. It’s like having a new band mate on the marketing team. If we’d had mobile app develop back in the day, we could have skipped that whole Transcendental Meditation as a way to connect with our fans.

Need some help escaping from your Eleanor Rigby-like mobileless existence? Contact the Intellection Group. They can help you pick up the beat with custom mobile app development. Or give them a call at 678-283-4283 for all your custom software needs.