Benefits Of Using Cloud Solutions Software For Business




Benefits Of Using Cloud Solutions Software For Business

The McCloud clan has switched its tartans to an airy white on a background of Isle of Sky blue to declare their independence from boxed and licensed software, restrictive star’age space, and hidebound in-house processes.

These intrepid Highlanders boast that their specially customized McCloud system allows them to enjoy up-to-date information about current and stale cattle raids, offers virtually unlimited storage for their grievances against the nobility, and allows the clan to access information about the condition o’ their keeps and claymores at any time.Plus, the McClouds have gained a decided edge over the clans they are currently warring with. And the ability to scale resources up and down has saved them a tonne ‘o pounds sterling.

We wish Clan McCloud the best in their technological endeavors.

Clan McCloud

What can the McCloud’s be going on aboot—about?

The clan has discovered what many businesses have: The advantages of cloud solutions to remedy onerous computing limitations. You probably already know lots of businesses (and clanless individuals) that already use the cloud for email, for simple storage of files, or to perform payroll and other accounting functions. Maybe your own business does—but cloud benefits don’t stop there.

Basically, all your computing functions and software processes accessed from your desktop can now be used on the internet—out in the cloud—in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS). You can subscribe to pre-existing software or, even better, create software customized to your company’s industry and special needs. That means you hold the licensing to the software and are no longer held hostage by boxed software licensing fees that always seem to expire at the most inconvenient times. And, unlike off-the-shelf software, you don’t have to pay for redundant processes.

Cloud solutions also free companies up from expensive in-house maintenance of IT systems. In the cloud, you can use resources according to scale. Plus, you needn’t keep upgrading to keep up with storage demands; with cloud-based systems you have access to as much—or as little—storage as you need on demand.

Canna Raid the Cattle

Concerned about the safety of critical, sensitive data?

Cloud solutions solve nerve-wracking security issues in more ways than one. Strong security features thwart hackers from snagging your sensitive data—data that would be otherwise susceptible to in-house system crashes or catastrophes like fire or flood. It remains safely stored on the cloud and is easily retrievable in the event of some unforeseen disaster.

Also, companies enjoy constant, 24/7 support, not to mention the ability to easily collaborate with employees, associates and vendors at any time, which is a big bonus. You’re always in the loop when your clan is in the cloud.

Neither do you need a Longshanky large business empire to enjoy the cloud. The grist in the cloud rumor mill most often grinds on about how small- and medium-sized businesses most benefit from cloud solutions.

Integration of the cloud is minimal and many experience little or no great variance between software accessed via desktop and that used on the cloud.

Cloud-based services offer unbeatable convenience and easy access. Unlike an in-house system, you can access your data from virtually anywhere—mobile phone, tablet, and home PC.

Cloud solutions offer the most up-to-date software technology along with:

  • Security

  • Convenience

  • Flexibility

  • Unparalleled collaboration ability

Sound better than a Highland fling?

If you’re looking to join clan McCloud or simply seeking the best IT talent, contact the Intellection group. They can help. Or give a call at 678-283-4283 for your clan’s custom software needs.

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