Mobile App Development: What Companies Don't Get




Mobile App Development: What Companies Don't Get

Businesses can often behave like rebellious teens who simply cannot accept necessary facts of life. They want the best life has to offer but mulishly refuse to accept what they actually know deep down inside… What exactly is good for them!

Take companies and mobile app development. They just don’t get what even the most stubborn post-adolescent knows: Mobile applications are now an intrinsic part of business life. And it’s all part of growing up.

Or, at least, growing your business.

We’ll Really Give You Something to Cry About!

The largest collective denial companies make is the refusal to accept that mobile app development is not an expense, per se, but an investment in the company. Like any other investment, it enhances the value of your organization—like resale value. Of course shareholders never like to spend money (that will never change), but unfortunately spending to earn is still in effect.

Now go to your board room and stay there until you’ve learned your lesson.

You and your employees still use PCs; that’s how word processing, accounting, spreadsheets, and other daily asks are most easily accomplished. However, your customers are conducting their business on the fly. Smartphones are the “computers’’ of choice these days for most of the population. And, from their phones is where they are most apt to check out your website or otherwise use mobile technology to connect with you. Are you ready?

Okay then. We’re taking the keys to the company fleet until you learn some respect.

Keep Making That Face Until It Freezes That Way!

Not keeping up with current technology freezes your company's growth. Websites are no longer enough, and you don’t want the face of your company looking the same way it did years ago in a rapidly expanding technological front. No one will recognize you in this day and age when brand recognition reigns supreme. Mobile apps can provide you with instant recognition. What stage of mobile app development is your company at?

Okay. Well, you’re not going anywhere until you learn to behave.

Why Can’t You Be Like Other Brain Children?

Competitively edged companies make the grade by developing mobile apps for their customers to easily connect, purchase, order and schedule. They also provide web applications so their sites are as easily accessible—and readable—from mobile devices as they are from the PC. Everyone else’s child can manage to do this; we don’t understand what’s wrong with you.

You aren’t doing drugs, are you?!

You Could Have At Least Called to Tell Us Where You Were At

So evaluate a little. Can you customers readily connect with you access you from their mobile or tablet? Can they access your web presence easily? Or know how to quickly find and get what they need from you while on the fly regardless of whether it’s a product, service, or merely information? Can they find their way to your physical location with a map or instantly connect with someone in customer service from their mobile? Can you easily contact them to offer coupons, specials or services? Or otherwise at all know where you are at literally and metaphorically?

We hope you’ve learned something from this. Now go finish your homework.

If you need assistance reining in your recalcitrant corporate child with some updated technology, contact the Intellection Group. Or give a call at 678-283-4283 if you are in search of the best IT talent during these economically tense times.