If You're Not Sure What You Want, Wireframe It!




If You're Not Sure What You Want, Wireframe It!

We feel that starting a custom software development project with a real and detailed wireframe is the best idea. We've done this many times; our clients save a lot of time and money; and risk is reduced for everyone involved.

What is a Wireframe?

  • A wireframe makes things clear! It is a visual storyboard of the general layout and flow of the screens and functions in a website or app. We build them as exact functional replicas of the eventual production application. It is not usable as a production application because there is no data handling included.

  • A professional wireframe will contain menus, full list of the screens with all fields and details, colors, and incorporate the desired design approach.

A Wireframe delivers a lot of value!

  • You will have a complete agreed-upon description of what actually needs to be built. 

  • It will be much easier to provide the exact cost and timeline to built the production app.

  • You don't have to hire us to build the final product; you can choose who you want to build it based on the wireframe. Of course, we would be happy to build it for you!

  • While building the wireframe we will research the most complicated functionalities to discover the best way to accomplish them.

  • Wireframes help avoid rework during the development process since everyone has seen and agreed to what needs to be built ahead of time. Wireframes help us avoid misunderstandings later.

  • Wireframes build trust with users and stakeholders. You will be able to demonstrate the app via the wireframe with prospective users and customers, who can provide valuable feedback and suggestions before you commit to building the production app. 

  • A wireframe is much easier to adjust than production code.

  • A wireframe can be used to gain feedback, buy-in, and sell your solution to early adopters and investors in advance of the real thing.  

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