How To Find The Best Custom Software Development Company For Your Business




How To Find The Best Custom Software Development Company For Your Business

Many of us will not remember the Dating Game from the 1970s without inadvertently dating ourselves. But basically, the televised game show revolved around a date-seeker looking for the optimal partner by querying a series of potentials hidden from the seeker’s view by an opaque panel. Without ever having a clear idea of how the others presented themselves, the date-seeker then had to choose the best potential to partner with.

Here Comes the Bride

You may feel like that when attempting to choose the best custom software developer for your company. Obviously, you don’t want to end up in a bad relationship, and this is not a one-off proposal. You may already know what your demands are in terms of custom software (or maybe you don’t), but where do you start looking for the perfect partner in this long-term venture?

Will they be innovative? Empathetic to your needs? Will they actually be a partner instead of just a service provider?

The Wedding March (The I Dos)


Do create a list of potentials by utilizing what you already know. Talented developers left their mark of excellence out there with business associates, vendors, and other industries. If competitors are making you sweat technologically, take a look at the developers that gave them that competitive edge. Ask around. What is it like to be a customer of a particular software developer? Were they process focused or client oriented?

Portfolios & Performance

Do begin to cull your long list by examining the developer’s web presence. Look at their portfolios. The best software developers have numerous successful partnerships across diverse industries  (which you can also query). This signifies a preference for performance rather than rigid planning and swathes of confusing documentation.


Time to get close to your potentials. Utilize those "Contact and Call Us" links and get personal. What are their perspectives on your demands? Are they willing to collaborate & help you fine-tune goals in areas that are not wedding dress white or tuxedo black?


In strictly the professional sense! Your partner should have partners; teams of the best talent. Even the teams have teams! That is a lot of talented know-how your partner is bringing into this partnership. But don't assume lots of talent equals lots of mouths to feed; talented teams equal cost effectiveness & efficiency.


Your potentials should have wedding vows prepared. Or at least show their devotion through Agile Principles. Instead of focusing strictly on processes, codes, plans, tools, and managed service agreements, their focus is you and your business.

Working software achieved by performances equals:

  • Interactions

  • Collaboration

  • Responsiveness to Change.

Running Away From The Altar ( The I Do Nots)

Do not get bogged down in bidding wars

Do not let initial high estimates give you cold feet. While this could mean the developer greatly values their own services (are unnecessarily expensive!), a higher-than-expected estimate can mean the custom software developer really knows the score and is merely offering a realistic cost scenario.

This is a long-term venture. The ideal custom software partners understand what cannot be achieved because of today's budget restrictions can be accomplished tomorrow.

Do not risk future business value and cost effectiveness by the temptations of cheap offshoring. Long-term relationships hit rocky shoals because of cultural & timezone differences. Communications, know-how and constant, immediate support are vital to working software development.

Or, perhaps, the ideal partner already exists?

If you are currently seeking the best talent during these economically trying times, contact the experts. The Intellection Group (TIG) can help with all your outsourcing needs. Or give a call at 678-283-4283.

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