3 Benefits Of Custom Software Application Development For Business




3 Benefits Of Custom Software Application Development For Business

History shows the Battle of Little Bighorn was decided merely because the US Army chose familiar, standardized weaponry—single-shot rifles instead of the more modern repeaters. Meanwhile, their opponents opted for on-the-fly customization. In this case, standardization won only through force of numbers.

To this day many governmental agencies still use standardized and even grossly outdated software & other stale technologies. Apparently, their idea of customization is to downgrade systems to accommodate old, off-the-shelf applications. This hasn't served we the people very well, has it?

Imagine if we employed this dubious technology to serve our customers?

General Custer

The word customization may sound pie-in-the-sky, a little flamboyantly George Custer-ish itself, a bit of a wasteful extravagance. You though, you have a steady dependable business, sound budgets, and a fleet of sensible sedans; not prancing one-trick ponies to carry on a road show circus. So why customize your software?

There are numerous benefits to custom software. Besides, as history shows, everything used to be tailor-made for us from suits of armor to clothing to weaponry. Actually, it's  standardization that is relatively new. No wonder computing made a hasty retreat back to customization for innovation's sake, and now, more and more companies are embracing custom applications.

Custom software isn’t new. However, the awareness of the need for it has recently become much more acute.

The Custom Calvary Arrives

Custom software is intended to meet your business standards instead of your business trying to squeeze into software limitations. It’s not as if software is being built from the ground up, precisely. Instead, changes are made to codes already in existence to accommodate your business needs.

Customization IntegratesAllows applications like payroll or CMRs to plug into existing software instead of running separate and multiple processes at the same time. This boosts performance.

Customized Software Saves Time & MoneyOnly the computing power you need is utilized; your system isn’t bogged down in redundant processes that slow operations or otherwise eat resources that are better employed elsewhere.

Customized Software Is Outstanding Tech SupportYou have developers who intimately know your needs, know your system—know who YOU are—and can quickly address any issues should they arise, because of that knowledge.  Customized software makes this possible, not extravagantly but efficiently.

As more companies adopt custom software, paradoxically, custom applications have become the new standard.

Standardized Software’s Last Stand

Standard software you upload from a disc is very familiar, true—which makes it more easily hacked. Off-the-shelf software still serves a purpose for simple computing on local PCs like at home. There, it’s not a big deal if purchased software is hard pressed to keep up with new innovation. However, innovation keeps your company relevant.

Meanwhile, back at the office, you still have to address tiresome compatibility issues, and eventually. purchase new software releases to keep up. Not to mention, your business remains a faceless, nameless, numbered licensee waiting to get through to the platform’s customer service department when problems occur.

Also, your company may have unique demands and so can your customers. This is when custom software fulfills multiple needs.

If you have exciting ideas about what kind of custom applications would best serve your company, or if this still feels like a new frontier, give the experts a call. The Intellection Group (TIG) can help. Contact us today or call us at 678-283-4283 for assistance with all your IT outsourcing needs.

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