Challenges Of Mobile App Development For Business




Challenges Of Mobile App Development For Business

Ever wonder why there are no mobile apps for the crew of the Enterprise on their communicators? Why didn't they just incorporate tricorder technology into their mobile devices? You know, so the landing party isn't always calling to the ship to find out where the dilithium crystals are.

The crew is, after all, part of an Enterprise company; they had expert, local developers across manifold organizations. Surely someone on board could take the time to develop a mobile app?

Take us out Sulu

How set is your ship's course for mobile apps? There's no question they're a necessity. Mobile apps offer a lot from enhanced time management & productivity to increased customer value and loyalty. Plus, they help you outperform the Romulans-Er... the competition.

However, mobile app development is growing at a pace hard to keep up with. Can you spare your IT team for a complex app mission?

Look out among your fleet for the communications guru, a chief engineer, and a security expert. You know the red-shirted employee who clocks out at first break, never to be seen again. Plus, someone empathetic (not Spock) & intuitive enough make a great user-experience.

Scotty Get Us Out of Here

Now go boldly where no one ever goes-mostly because many a business got halfway there before sending out a planetary-wide SOS when the mobile app malfunctioned after Klingons hacked it. Chances are they didn't have a Scotty on the payroll.

This isn't because someone lacked skill. It's because mobile app development is more challenging in practice than it is theory. Like warp technology.

A paper from the University of British Columbia describes how mobile app development is so involved that few comprehensive studies exist on the topic Instead, issues are presented anecdotally as they arise.

Still, there's no question businesses need a mobile app. The question is should your company invest in local development or outsource?

Disengage Inertial Dampeners

Unless you own a Galactic Empire with an in-house, dedicated staff of Uhura and Chekov, attempting to develop appscan be a Deep Space 9 proposition. Besides, the Enterprise was part of a peace-keeping mission, not a profitable one.

Offshoring an app project sounds tempting in terms of budget but communications breakdown with time zone & cultural differences causing unforeseen expenses and frustrations.

The Prime Directive

Here are just a few sub-space routines expert app developers agree are must haves:

  • Constant Support & Maintenance

  • Cross-Platform Apps

  • Remain Current with Platform Upgrades

  • Enhanced Security

  • Simplicity

  • Provide Great User Experiences

Not to mention the technological skills to tractor beam that all together. Nor was the many ship's bells and whistles that make an app a standout included in that short list.

Dammit Jim, mobile apps are not a "develop-&-forget-about-it " proposition.

I'm a Doctor Not A Developer

Many businesses lack the IT resources required to efficiently meet the challenges of app development on their own. Speed is of the essence to remain competitive. So is creative development so customers & employees don't end up with something only Scotty would love to use. Sound challenging?

If you don't want to send your crew on a five-year mission, you might need some advice from the Vulcan Science Academy.

But that is illogical.

So give the experts a call if you need guidance finding the best talent to develop mobile applications. Or perhaps you need a partner to help you with an outsourcing plan? The Intellection Group (TIG) can help. Contact us today or call us at 678-283-4283 for assistance with all your IT outsourcing needs so your business can live long and prosper.