Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App: 15 Reasons




Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App: 15 Reasons

Why is it important that businesses have a mobile app?

Ask yourself why do people—including yourself—use mobile apps in the first place?

Convenience and time savings?

Compare checking email from your home PC with checking it from a mobile application. At home you turn on the PC, wait for it to do its boot-up thing, then click on your email and put in your password.

 If you’re lucky you won’t get the wee, blue, circular, twirly-thing (which replaced the more appropriate hourglass) that means your server, service, or network has decided to spin its wheels ‘cause you’re in a hurry.

Or you can touch an icon on your mobile and your email is synced right there onto your mobile device—that fast.

Let’s face it; we’ve become used to technological instant gratification. When our favorite businesses don’t have a mobile app, it’s like someone has handed us a Yellow Pages and a coin to use the pay phone. And, whilst being honest, if your customers don’t have a mobile app to quickly access your company’s product and services, your competitors almost certainly will.

And that’s the #1 reason businesses need mobile apps:

To keep up with the competition. It's a survival strategy, folks.

A decade ago, businesses still pondered the need for a web presence, and now that’s a no-brainer. If everything is eventual, as it inevitably is…every business needs mobile apps.


Go Bold (Or Get Old)

Savvy business owners have already come to this conclusion and have adopted custom mobile apps as part of their business model because mobile applications also #2) highlight products and services and;

#3) Give customers ease of access to those products and services, not to mention the perks of having a mobile app doing double duty as #4) a built-in marketing strategy, which in turn #5) reaches more customers and attracts new ones by serving as a #6) brand ambassador.

Fulfilling business needs for mobile applications also means other advantages—like the ability to #7) Easily partner with other businesses or services.


Investment fears over the costs of mobile apps can be offset by #8) Earning with your mobile app with in-app advertising (let your app help pay for itself).

Mobile applications are not just quick connects to your customers; mobile app development is less a necessary expense than an investment which #9) ADDS LONG-TERM VALUE TO YOUR COMPANY.

Today everything is seemingly taken over by huge, CAPITAL-hoarding conglomerates. The economy needs more small businesses and #10) SMALL BUSINESS NEEDS INCLUDE MOBILE APPS.

Nearly 70% of folks in the US shop, browse, or purchase using a smartphone and #11) A MOBILE APP MAKES IT EASIER FOR THOSE SHOPPERS TO PATRONIZE YOUR BUSINESS, DRIVING UP SALES.

Mobile applications also, #12) ESTABLISHES YOUR COMPANY AS A CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY (You too can be a capital-hoarding conglomerate!) plus sets the stage for #13) COMPANIES TO QUICKLY ADOPT NEWER TECHNOLOGICAL TRENDS.

And, for added emphasis


Finally, #15) Custom mobile applications are no longer costly luxuries. Thanks to Agile methods of mobile app development, it’s more cost effective than ever before to stay competitive.

If your business needs mobile app technology to retain the competitive edge and stay relevant during these tense economic times contact the Intellection Group. They can help. Or give a call at 678-283-4283 if you are seeking the best talent for all your software needs.