The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Agile Software Development




The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Agile Software Development

Employing the various agile software development methods is rather like the difference between going to a well-appointed, yet affordable café where your food is served on time, just the way you like it versus an expensive, fine-dining venue where the chefs are drama-divas, and there’s a tuxedo’d corps of maitre d waiting to attend you.

Of course, the food is artistically designed into miniscule, unsatisfying portions and you may have to send your carefully warmed plate back a few times before you get what you want.

The former situation quickly addresses the goal while the latter elegantly dances around it with distractions that don’t make up for lack of quality victuals.

The Agile Advantage: Serving Up Software

Agile software development serves up quality working software by taking baby steps at the sprint. This means you aren’t waiting forever to implement technology which allows your business to take off.

This saves resources in two ways. Project development doesn’t stretch off into infinity racking up continuous delay-expenses, and your company is quickly able to implement software that expedites productivity and efficiency by replacing the outdated processes that slow businesses down.

It all sounds rather competitive, and it is—all of which results in technology that makes your business more competitive.

How Would You Like Your Server Served?

You don’t have to convince innovative software coders about the benefits of agile software development; this method allows them do what they do best, which is create working software fast.

Forbes reports how the business community has also embraced agile for how it:

  • Provides faster cycles of feedback

  • Embraces changes

  • Identifies problems early in the project

Agile software development uses quick decision-making methods, to produce a higher quality of code, and ease of maintenance.

May I Bring Your Reality Cheque?

There are drawbacks to Agile software development which seem to exist more as misconceptions than actual disadvantages.

Whereas some see this methodology as an excuse to scrape all discipline into the busboy's hopper, it takes a great deal of team-directed discipline to take the direct route to fulfilling development goals.

There are few actual disadvantages of agile development, and they seem to exist less as technical issues but more as matter of perception held by play-it-safe traditionalists who've grown comfortable with plodding methodologies, big committees and outdated processes which bring development to a crawl, inevitably incurring more costs for the client.

In spite of this, agile developers have already proven their method is more economically sound because it quickly puts working software on the table making organizations more efficient, productive and streamlined. And, even those most inclined to want to play it safe —investors—are satisfied with the end result, as are the end-users.

Because agile develops in sprints, it lacks the mounds of documentation associated with more traditional means of software development which plots, tests and records every move. Some may see this as "ordering without a menu."

Coursing every development move then recording the results are methods appropriate to novice coders who are still developing their own skills. But agile allows established and talented coders to carry on with a minimum of correct documents which circumvents the need for a constant test & record cycle.

Lastly, clients who aren’t clear on project goals may feel disadvantaged by agile development methods, making it all that much more important to include them as a member of the development team.

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