Is It Possible To Make Your Old Business Software Work With Today's Technology?




Is It Possible To Make Your Old Business Software Work With Today's Technology?

Dear Computer Companions,

I used to be a popular accounting software, name withheld for security reasons. Years ago, I was dumped when that trampy Mas 100 hit the scene and stole my Xactimate away. I personally haven’t upgraded since. Today’s connectivity is so fast I seize up thinking about the latest versions of myself out there on Club Cloud, virtually letting any old application plug into them. Some of these CADs even want to network before finding out if we have compatibility issues! Can you imagine me and Tinder working things out together? My kindly IT person frequently patches me up but I know one day he’ll leave me, too. I fear as if my hardware is breaking. Please tell me what to do.   

Dear Name Withheld

Change is intimidating but business software was never intended to behave like a diva. I suggest that you retire to a nice quiet PC and let your newest versions execute the way their designers intended them to.



If your elderly business software could talk it might say something like that. Advances in computer software constantly nudge businesses from their comfort zone, too.

When software begins to lead the life of a failing superstar, it’s tempting to play stage mother and hold on to the last release, opting for clever—and continuous—patchwork to coax the golden oldies into getting along with the new. But will today’s elderly business software work with tomorrow’s technology?

In the world of computing, tomorrow's technology arrives today with lightning speed. And holding on to what used to be can begin to drag your company back in time.

Two Tickets to Paralyzed        

Businesses most often continue with aged business software because of budget restrictions or trepidation over training employees with new applications.  Plus, it’s difficult to know what software may have practical longevity left to it. But if you have to constantly piecemeal patches in to keep your office diva singing, this can mean:

  • Loss of productivity

  • Failure to reach potential customers

  • Loss of revenue

  • Failure to compete

Plus, you risk security issues. And there’s a good chance there will eventually be no kindly IT persons left to support the software.

Digital Killed the Analog Star

There’s a number of ways to know if your 20th-century software is compatible with the 21st century. Are any of these golden oldies lurking in your office?

  • Slow computer & internet speeds

  • Frequent downtimes

  • Excessive maintenance expense

Do employees turn to their latest smartphones, laptops, and tablets to work around your businesses software limitations? At that point they are already training themselves on the newest technology, aren’t they?

Unbinding Me with Science 

Fortunately, advances in customized software tailored to industry specifics help ease the pain of migrating to new technology. Like using the old uploaded-from-a-disc software on an innovative cloud-based system. Or choosing new software alternatives that look and function like the old ones. Meaning that if you do need to change your tune, this can be a safety dance instead of a moon walk. And it’s a transition that can be eased into with respect to budget restrictions.

If you are anxious to ease the drama caused by diva-like aging software, you need a stage hand to help you decide whether you should stay or go now.

Call the experts. The Intellection Group (TIG) keeps the beat in this economically tense business environment. Or if you are simply in search of the best talent, contact us today or call us at 678-283-4283 for assistance with all your IT outsourcing needs.

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