How To Choose An App Development Company




How To Choose An App Development Company

Finding a developer to custom design a mobile app is often as elusive as discovering fine fast food. What we call a boxed meal strikingly resembles pre-made, boxed, off-the-shelf software, doesn’t it?

Like off-the-shelf software, you usually get what everyone else has: meals that are not tailored to your specific dietary needs. You, as the end-user have limited food options, input, or choices. Boxed food and boxed software are both franchised and licensed with little customization. “Have it Your Way” may be promised, but their idea of your way often has little resemblance to yours. In the end, you simply eat what you are given, not what you need.Android app development can be the same way. After all, you have as many apps and app developers as you do fast food outlets in every town, city, or ‘burb. So what do you do when you need app development tailored to your specific needs to add convenience, efficiency, productivity and value to your company?

If it were a question of food, you’d call on a nutrition specialist to work out a long-term diet plan with you, one that complements your health and lifestyle—not only now, but in the future. In terms of Android mobile app development, you’d head for a development team that partners with you toward the end goal of enhancing and optimizing your company’s workflow.

Finding an app developer isn’t really the problem—that’s as easy as locating a pair of golden arches, because they are everywhere. But that doesn’t mean they are automatically going to fulfill your needs or add value to your company. You can get buggy mobile software as easily as you can find mediocre food.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before ordering Android app development.

What Has the Developer Served up Before?

Take a look at the developer’s well-fed clients by requesting references. Also, do pore over the developer’s portfolio. Software creators love to show off their creations, and the very best don’t keep their achievements under waxed paper wraps, but rather display them on their website for you to examine well before you contact them.

Boxed Lunch or Baked to Order?

Most companies need Android app development custom designed to not only their industry requirements but to specific company requirements. Make sure your developer isn’t offering white-washed or "white label" software—slightly altered variations of off–the-shelf software—but wares custom coded to your organizational requirements.

Are You the Sous Chef?

Reputable mobile app developers who are serious about fulfilling their client’s needs partner with their clientele through every step of development. Even if you don’t know code from a burger clown, you're still the primary ingredient to cooking up working software. You must be an integral part of the development team and treated accordingly.

Multi-National Fare?

Be careful about "off-shoring" software. The timezone and language differences alone mean you can have as difficult a time actually being part of the team as trying to communicate through a faulty drive-thru box.

Lastly, just as fast food servers don’t sample each burger or fry before sliding your meal through the drive-thru window, your custom software order shouldn’t get bogged down in repeated testing that delays deployment of your software. Your chosen development team should be solidly skilled in their craft to create working software the agile way— small teams working in sprints to get your order to you fast.

You really can have it your way. Contact the Intellection Group to find out how, or give a call at 678-283-4283 for all your custom software needs.