Creating The Ideal Development Team


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Creating The Ideal Development Team

Cutting edge technology has crossed another frontier with the development of artificial gills, wireless electricity, and holographic TV. Whilst that's pretty amazing stuff, don’t we ever feel a little discontented that we can’t have a team of mad scientists busily inventing Information Technology so our businesses can cross new frontiers, too? Don’t think you are alone in your wistfulness when high tech dreamers can whip up these improbably situated contraptions when all you need is just great working software. No gills…just software.

If you dream of the ideal development team to create cutting edge information technology for your business, by all means dream a little.

The Grail Dream

The ideal development team would have as its primary and most important team member:

The Stake Holder. That would be you—the Dreamer—the business owner, direct user, leader of all the other end users or the person who otherwise facilitates the introduction of new technology into your business. You are the ultimate Grail King, King Arthur at the Round Table. You determine what your 21st century Camelot needs and how custom software will benefit that enterprise.

King Arthur surrounded himself with the best and noblest knights at his Round Table but he didn’t do it by himself. He had a Lancelet to organize and rally the bravest knights, and so you will have a Product Owner to serve as knight in digital armor, a go between who organizes the best and most creative talent on your team.

Now enter the Team Lead who comes on board to facilitate the creative talent and make sure they are properly kitted out with abundant resources and guard against unwarranted problems.

Now comes the Team—the Team Members. This is the peerless creative talent who will model, code, and program the cutting edge custom software for your company. Their roles may shift between creating fabulous code and releasing it. Among them you may have guest knights that step in to provide technical expertise repeatedly before they step into another role in an ever-shifting sort of courtly dance that ultimately results in the delivery of working software .

Dream a Little Dream For Me, Team

Let’s us dream about the elements this team of dreams possesses, the ones who come riding in to create and deliver—and maintain—your working custom software. This team will be gifted with idealism and great oratory, collaborating daily, challenging themselves to the slaying of dragons instead of being consumed by them, and always striving to work better and faster with each iteration. And while they have the support of the Team Lead and Product Owner they remain self-organizing, best able to keep releasing useable increments quickly. Neither are they daunted by changes and always strive toward flexibility to find even more creative, brilliant means to meet your businesses needs.

Now envision your dreamy team wielding a T-shaped Excalibur sort of philosophy, a deep yet broad sword that best expresses the essence of your team: the broad ability to work outside a core area and grasp the needs of other team members combined with a deep technological knowledge of their craft. They are a knighted Agile development team putting people over processes with the ultimate goal of delivering working software to your Camelot.

Sound dreamy?

Of course it does.

But its not a dream. It’s not only within the realm of possibility, there is a creative software development team ready to help you establish your kingdom quickly. Contact The Intellection Group. They’re ready and able to fulfill your Grail Dream. Or give The Intellection Group a call at 678-283-4283.