4 Crucial Ways To Tame The Cost Of App Development




4 Crucial Ways To Tame The Cost Of App Development

In this episode of the A-Team...

The Engineer begins a universal Android app development project. Using the most conventional methods possible, and backed with virtually unlimited resources, the Engineer launches into a frenzy of code, creating a mobile application filled with exotic scripts and numerous, colorful graphics.

All goes well until the project mysteriously starts to creep and crawl. The Engineer's Android app development will not only exceed its deployment date, to his utter horror, the app becomes maliciously self-aware, turning into a destructive, bug-laden AI with a predilection for auto-dialing the IRS thrice daily to make regularly scheduled auto-payments.

It's clear the Engineer has lost control of his project. Expenses pile up, resources evaporate, and hour-by-hour the app grows in its malign power until it eventually begins to suck the life force from the Engineer himself. Beleaguered and torn, the Engineer makes a last ditch effort to save the project by turning to…

The Agility Team!

The Peerless

Ann “the Droid” Jackson stalks into the Engineer’s laboratory and quickly sizes up the situation. Inept coding and a lack of practical goals has resulted in this catastrophe, she thinks.

With an Obi-Wan-like gesture, Ann's team immediately huddles into a scrummage. Remote teams are roused to action. Yet another team flies off to speak to a local IRS agent.

Ann finds the Engineer curled into a fetal position under his work station. As she approaches him, he croaks. “Stop this monster. It's in my notes,” he waves at an untidy mound of documentation spilling across his computer station. “You must read my notes.”

Ann glanced at the untidy pile of binders and computer printouts “Your documentation is now not only incorrect,” she declares, “but futile in these sorts of situations.”

She kneels and helps the weary Engineer to his feet.

“It was unavoidable,” the Engineer muttered. “I’ve failed.”

The Fearless

“Not at all is lost, O Unhappy Man.” Ann amiably drapes her arm around the Engineer’s shoulder. “There are any number of ways of keeping your Android app development project costs to a minimum.”

Brightening a little, the Engineer watched as Ann commandeered his keyboard and began to sort out his coding.

“First,” she explains, “An app directly interfacing your client’s bank account to the IRS ensures the end-user is going to avoid the app. Create user-friendly, appealing apps.”

Ann then described how the Engineer‘s application had too many bells and whistles—fanciful graphics and such —instead of practical basic elements.

Another A-teamster added, “Second - your app lacks core functionality. Minimum Viable Product keeps applications simplified and drives down costs.”

The rest of Ann’s Agility team sprinted by to remind the Engineer he needed his own Android app development team so applications could develop in iterations—in sprints, like the A-team did. “Rapid development automatically keeps costs low.”

“Third - going forward, remember to keep your target platform in mind,” Ann reminded, as she replaced the Engineer's code with something that more closely resembled logic found in a mobile app. She looked expectantly around the laboratory.

After a quick collaboration, her talented development teams reported happy news: the application’s runaway coding was heroically brought to heel. Even its mountainous pile of documentation was minimized and corrected.

The remote teams gave their thumbs up. The Engineer now had a fully operational, user-friendly Android mobile app.

“Only the IRS is unhappy,” one team member noted, puzzled.

A challenge for another day.

For now, the A-Team’s work was done.

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