How Companies Take Advantage of ERP Software

With the growing number of business and technical blogs publicizing the many benefits of ERP software, you are probably already aware of the most common ways companies take advantage of enterprise resource planning.

The most well-known reasons companies adopt ERP are for the integration of manual and automated processes, which promotes:

What Is The Right Business Software For Your Company?

Have you ever planned and executed the perfect vacation? Then, rest assured, you can choose the right business software for your company. As with the best vacations, you need to know where business software is going to take you. The reasonable expectation is that both will take you someplace fabulous.

Okay so maybe you’ve been on some bad vacations. That's usually the result of poor planning and unrealistic expectations. The most fabulous vacations, the ones we really invest careful thought into before hand, are the most memorable ones. Perhaps you had some help planning and executing a getaway with the help of a travel agent?

Modernizing Your Legacy Business Software

Business relationships can be difficult, can't they? So many variables like different business models, sharky competition, unnerving politics, and even grating personality differences. Sure we try to be professional, but sometimes...well it's difficult. Especially when it comes to how we relate to our software. Or rather, how it can 

Factors to Consider Before Buying an ERP Software Package

A well-played out rendition of Old MacDonald Had A Farm will have every aspect of the farm business included in its stanzas. First there’s Old MacDonald himself. Then his farm which includes cows, pigs, and chickens. Then all the variable products issuing from the same. Don’t forget to include the farm hands & milk maids and the various departments they head.

All this Old MacDonald inclusiveness is ERP software planning in a hen’s shell.  When any company plans to implement ERP, failure to 

Why Do ERP Software Implementations Fail?

ERP software is no doubt a critical component in today’s business frontiers. It helps companies stay competitive and relevant. However, lurid media stories often make us reluctant to fully embrace all the advantages ERP can offer.

Actually, ERP software fails are not as dramatic or even as common as some,  ahem , media outlets would have us believe. Not surprisingly, the most graphically portrayed ERP fails have occurred within federal and municipal agencies.

Web-Based ERP Software - Advantages and Disadvantages

Among the several advantages of ERP software is the integration of workplace processes themselves. Or rather, the software exists as its own advantage by the virtue of integration. ERP streamlines resources—processes, information, employees, materials, monetary funds, assets, and even machines into a series of integrated, flowing unified systems used primarily for quick data retrieval. This saves time and money, enhances productivity, and eliminates inertia.

Example: A typical workday in a non-ERP workplace. Employees may move from database to database and process to process to complete a single task.