Supply Chain

Supply Chain and Sales Forecasting System

Created a supply chain and sales forecasting system for one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributor of custom blended raw plastics material. The company needed a way to automate and streamline a labor-intensive process involving lots of paper invoices, faxes and phone calls. We created a comprehensive SaaS solution that integrated with their existing accounting (Data Beacon, AS/400) and OLAP infrastructure, and provided a state-of-the art sales forecasting capability for their very unique product line. The application manages purchase orders, customer orders, inventory, shipping procedures and document workflow for all aspects of the business. The sales module combines known customer product preferences with sales forecasting to generate monthly sales pro forma documents and spreadsheets in support of about 25 salesmen. We also automated the entire back office of their $40MM global export distribution operation, and completed a data warehouse optimization project.

Extensible Web- and EDI-Based Value Added Network

Created an extensible web- and EDI-based value added network (VAN), hosted on our infrastructure, connecting the largest transporter of vehicles from Europe to the US to their largest shipping partner -- one of the world's largest companies in the transport of rolling equipment. The system exchanges vehicle booking information in real time with both their transatlantic shipping partners and their manufacturer customers. Systems in both Europe and the US communicate automatically by exchanging ANSI X12 EDI packets and converting them into XML for consumption by a .NET-based system and vice versa. The system includes a complete web-based reporting and analysis system for support and maintenance.

Database Administration and Development

The client is a global electronics manufacturing services provider that serves original equipment manufacturers in technology-related industries such as communications and computer hardware, with nearly 80 manufacturing sites. The company is one of the world's largest independent manufacturer of printed circuit boards and backplanes. Working in SQL Server, we created stored procedures, formed DTS packages and scheduled jobs that encapsulated complex business rules in support of the company's supply chain logistics efforts. We also provided as-needed work flow support to senior personnel in plants around the world.