Real Estate

CarFax for Homes

Created an online service that delivers a 'CarFax for homes' report for homebuyers and home sellers.  The SaaS system aggregates a variety of official best-in-class databases to produce the most comprehensive report in the industry today. The report is the first to provide homebuyers and sellers an online, user-friendly, real-time, one-stop due diligence tool that includes a multitude of important information, all summarized and categorized, providing the buyer with critical information all in one report including: (1) Improvement, repair, renovation history, (2) Seven year insurance claim history, (3) Home history timelines, (4) Environment data with map showing proximity to environmental concerns including radon zones, flood plains, contamination areas, etc., (5) Neighbourhood map ranking local public schools, district test scores, number of students per classroom, income profile, age/race/diversity profiling, occupations, languages spoken, etc., (6) Neighborhood crime map, ranking the home in safety compared to other neighborhoods within the area, (7) Housing profile including cost comparisons on state and national levels, rental costs compared to state and national levels, etc., (8) Ownership and sales history of home including home value and appreciation trends, median housing value, etc., and (9) Neighbrhood foreclosure and rental history.

Commercial/Residential Inspection System

Create a custom SaaS-based commercial/residential inspection system for the largest, most respected commercial and residential inspection and design company in the Atlanta metro area. The system supported their complete range of business functionality: field inspections, order processing and reporting, and all in-office administrative and back-office accounting functions. A field component was deployed on mobile PCs connected to the Internet via built-in cell modems, and the entire system optimized for low-bandwidth infrastructure to enable always on, always available access to real-time information. The system supported the ability to upload photos and scanned documents, automatically logged current local weather conditions, and allowed the inspector to remain 'on station' far longer each day and perform more inspections. In fact, the company's work capacity almost doubled and inspector efficiency and accuracy improved immeasurably. The company won a Technology Association of Georgia Excalibur Award for Most Tech-Enabled Small Business in Georgia as a result of this implementation.

Online Lending System

Created one of the first SaaS-based online affiliate lending systems for the residential home marketplace.

Natural Language Search for Real Estate

We created a working prototype system that could answer regular English questions posed against a full multiple-listing real estate database.