Business Network Policy Director

We are currently helping to create the Business Network Policy Director (SBNPD), a comprehensive software solution allowing dynamic and business aligned management of Software Defined Networking infrastructure (SDN), which itself allows for the abstraction of network services and applications layers from the underlying hardware, providing a simplified and centralized platform to manage and provision an enterprise network. SBNPD is an SDN-enabled policy engine that will translate a customer's relevant business metrics and KPIs into specific network policies that can be propagated across their SDN infrastructure dynamically, providing customers with an extremely precise and efficient mechanism for network infrastructure control reducing OpEx and ensuring network infrastructure CapEx is utilized most efficiently.

Kids Online Gaming Rental

We created the Kids Online Game Rental web application known as FunDrop.com. The application supports a web-based user experience including Account Management, Sales, Queue Management, Payment Processing, etc., and includes many Administration functions, including a Dashboard, Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory Management. Amazon is utilized as a recurring payment processing engine.

Ad Hoc Reporting Tool (Izenda)

Izenda is the industry leader embedded analytics and visualization platform for cloud and web applications, a powerful ad hoc reporting tool. We have performed many Izenda integrations into our projects, including some very large implementations.

Conference Events and Travel Management

We architected and developed a Conference Events and Travel Management system that manages hotel reservations for conferences and events.

Other Areas of Deep Expertise

  • Restaurant Point of Sale systems
  • Property and Casualty Insurance rating systems
  • Capital Campaign Management systems