BeneVets (Claims/Veterans)

BeneVets is a secure national SaaS system that assists Veterans Administration (VA)-accredited representatives (VSO’s and state agencies) with claim development, document management, and case management, greatly improving the accuracy of claims filed with the VA. It will soon be the first system to be able to submit claims electronically to the VA. The system also supports the BeneVets Card, a pre-paid card that helps veterans get their VA awards quickly and safely, and includes a nationwide pharmacy discount plan. The card acts like a checking account for non-banked and under-banked veterans, and homeless veterans as well. The system is licensed to BeneVets, LLC, and is hosted on our secure private cloud infrastructure.

BeneVets was presented a 2015 Virginia Governor’s Technology Award:

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services has improved functionality of an existing service and created an efficient, effective and productive platform that benefits both the agency and the veterans it serves. The BeneVets Automated Claims Application allows the agency to develop and submit veteran claims to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs entirely through electronic processes. The application eliminates extensive paper usage, significantly reduces postage and supply cost and most importantly, decreases the time it takes for a veteran’s claim to move through the state and federal process. New quality controls significantly reduce errors; its use has substantially reduced the backlog of veterans’ claims. Virginia is the first and only state to utilize and implement a completely electronic veterans claims filing system.

Healthcare Non-Profit Resources Scheduling, Workflow, and Data Management

A community-based non-profit with hundreds of employees and over 10,000 participants with disabilities and their families in the state of Georgia required an integrated management system for their innovative programs including residential support, employment services, respite care, family support, in-home care, and day programs. Each of these programs has unique needs and requirements, all related to the healthcare and integration into the community for those they serve. This service must be highly coordinated both between programs, but also with state and federal agencies. To this end, The Intellection Group built the system enabling delivery of services to the community, tracking those services and their outcomes to provide better care and to meet the very strict governmental requirements for reporting, documentation, security, and privacy.  This required a wide variety of software applications that intake all necessary information to work with the individuals in need, to schedule staff, to record staff time spent at each in-home location, to document the services supplied and progress achieved. We developed specialized middleware to push/pull information to/from systems of record like CIS (DMA6/7, ISP, Budgets, certificates, allergies, etc), saving staff hundreds of person-hours per year and helping to ensure in-house systems were in-sync with systems at the state level. This also included integration of internal systems like payroll, accounting, and human resources to create end-to-end solutions. On-going consulting services have included creation of a Contractor education and certification system, a Respite system, IVR/Timetracking system, integrated full Document Management services, and other 3rd-party system integrations.  

Claims Re-Pricing System

Worked extensively with a market leader in enhancing and supporting their proprietary data analytics platform in support of their claims re-pricing processes. The company applies the power of relationships and analytics to help payors achieve the best cost results from routine claims to the most complex ones. The system helps stratify claims to make the right decisions resulting in the best possible outcomes for medical, dental and workers’ compensation payors, a nationwide group of providers and ultimately, the patients served.

Homecare Agency System

Worked extensively with the company in enhancing and supporting their state-of-the-art technology platform for home care agencies.

Competitive Intelligence System and Large-Scale Abstract Publishing System

The client, the world’s largest source of health news, asked us to create a complex information management system that formed the basis of a new web-based competitive intelligence database service. We created both the back-end information massaging piece and the user-facing pay-for-service portal. In addition, we worked to greatly improve and further automate a set of existing processes that create dozens of large custom technical publications in PDF form each week, some running to thousands of pages, and each with a complex arrangement of footers, table of contents, order forms and sections. The resulting work significantly reduced the turnaround time for these critical products.

Medical Non-Profit

Lead staff in developing a comprehensive system managing all aspects of the organization’s service offerings. They are a community-based non-profit organization that provides services to people with developmental disabilities, as well as support to their families. The system included speech recognition IVR applications, OCR applications, and web-based applications, including management dashboards for graphically tracking key performance indicators.

Medical Non-Profit

The client offers a variety of services to Georgia families of children with disabilities or special healthcare needs. We architected and developed systems to capture all of the medical details of children with special medical needs, all provider medical facilities, then matched them up based on hundreds of possible criteria.


Architected and lead the development of a software system to calculate the costs and benefits of a capitated medical plan, including the ability to predict future cancer rates and other pertinent statistics.

Animal Health Information System/Disease Surveillance

We assisted in the development of a report module in support and innovative technology platform in the area of Animal & Human Health Surveillance/Data Warehouse. The system is a blend of wireless and analytics technology and assists clients in the United States and in parts of Africa.

Medical Non-Profit

Architected and led a team in developing a system to track consumers receiving medical care, expense vouchers, departmental budgets, and vendor payments for one of the largest autism centers in the U.S. and one of only three NIH Autism Centers of Excellence.

Statewide Registries of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) to Support a National ALS Registry (CDC Proposal)

As a prime contractor partnered with subcontractor L3 Corporation, we competed for a project to develop statewide ALS registries in support of the creation of a national ALS registry. Even though we were not awarded the project, we gained significant experience in the subject matter area, including working with many of the most ALS advocates nationwide.