Personnel Management Information System (Bulgarian Ministry of Defense)

We performed as the main subcontractor on a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) contract, Bulgarian Personnel Management Information System – Phase 2 (DISA Multiple Award Contract PL512, Solicitation #E50005, awarded December, 2008, ENCORE II). We actually executed all tasks except for contract management, which was handled by our prime partner. We created four major complex software modules integrated into an existing system and used by all branches of the military, supporting over 50,000 personnel in uniform. We also created a unique and effective English Language Training module that has attracted the attention of other major military agencies Eastern Europe. This major technology upgrade was part of countrywide plan to help improve NATO readiness and inject creativity and innovation into the IT procurement process, all the while maintaining the highest levels of security. The project had the attention of both the US Ambassador and the Bulgarian Prime Minister. The US Army contracting officers thought our proposal to be unusually innovative, detailed and well-thought-out, and were actually excited to see it, viewing it as a model proposal for other similar work being done in that part of the world. We were awarded the project over the incumbent contractor’s proposal, which is extremely rare. 


Teaching the Big Ideas of Science through Art (National Science Foundation)

As part of a team that included Morehouse College and Georgia Tech, we provided consulting services in support of integrating our natural language understanding platform, coupled with speech recognition and text-to-speech output into National Science Foundation Award No. HRD-0625731 titled “Education Research Grant: Encouraging Students to Pursue Undergraduate Degrees in STEM Fields by Exposing Them to Fundamental STEM Paradigms via Interactive Visual Arts Modules”. This was actually a very early augmented reality project, and our particular part was in researching the usefulness of adding a voice-driven help system to this unique learning environment. The team included scientists from Georgia Tech’s Interactive Media Technology Center, pioneers and innovators of augmented reality technologies.


Veterans Claims System (BeneVets)

BeneVets is a secure national SaaS system that assists Veterans Administration (VA)-accredited representatives (VSO’s and state agencies) with claim development, document management, and case management, greatly improving the accuracy of claims filed with the VA. It will soon be the first system to be able to submit claims electronically to the VA. The system is licensed to BeneVets, LLC, and is hosted on our secure private cloud infrastructure.


BeneVets was presented a 2015 Virginia Governor’s Technology Award:

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services has improved functionality of an existing service and created an efficient, effective and productive platform that benefits both the agency and the veterans it serves. The BeneVets Automated Claims Application allows the agency to develop and submit veteran claims to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs entirely through electronic processes. The application eliminates extensive paper usage, significantly reduces postage and supply cost and most importantly, decreases the time it takes for a veteran’s claim to move through the state and federal process. New quality controls significantly reduce errors; its use has substantially reduced the backlog of veterans’ claims. Virginia is the first and only state to utilize and implement a completely electronic veterans claims filing system.

Broadcasting Board of Governors Proposal

Authored a winning proposal for delivering a Global Monitor and Control (M&C) System to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The proposal was produced for one of the world’s leading providers of M&C systems to the Satellite and Broadcast industry, a recognized industry leader in creating innovative integration solutions and is a critical preferred provider to the industry’s leading companies, including FOX, Turner, Arqiva, CNN, TBS, Viacom, Disney, ESPN, ABC, Discovery and more. The primary mission of BBG is to deliver high quality, high availability audio and video programming from all BBG and International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB broadcast element) locations to destinations globally, and two-way Local Area Network/Worldwide Area Network (LAN/WAN) and telephone interconnect with 22 major relay Station complexes. In support of this mission, designs procures, installs, enhances, modifies and maintains a worldwide telecommunications distribution infrastructure consisting of complex satellite gateway facilities (Washington D.C., Germany, Czech Republic, Kuwait and the Philippines), operating numerous satellite systems (Intelsat, NewSkies, Asiasat, Eutelsat, Arabsat, Nilesat, Telestar and others) including fiber optic cable and microwave interconnects. The proposal described the creation and implementation of a Global M&C system, defined as Local M&C Systems at multiple locations that when tied together result in a single Global M&C System.


Center of Excellence in Telecommunications and Space Communications (Morehouse College)

We consulted extensively with the Center of Excellence in Telecommunications and Space Communications (CETS), a multi-disciplinary program, in collaboration with Ohio University, to build leaders in the academic, social, technical, political, administrative sectors impacted by telecommunications. We worked with a variety of experts in artificial intelligence, media, educational programming and modeling, interplanetary communications, image modeling, and computer science. Some of the specific projects in which we were involved:


  • Hands-Free/Eyes Free Data Management project. Helped create state-of-the-art lab facilities for research, exploration, testing, and teaching in the areas of automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), natural language processing (NLP) and novel uses of RFID technology. We publicly demonstrated an application involving interactive visual arts accessibility at the 2005 National Black Arts Festival.
  • Teaching the Big Ideas of Science through Art. See above.
  • Virtual Museum project. A web-based system that allowed the user to walk-through a real art gallery and get close to the works themselves, virtually.
  • Proposal Writing and White Papers. Authored or co-authored proposals for EDS, US Army, The Voinovich Center, ENCORE II contract vehicle, and others. Authored an important treatise on implementing real world applications using multimodal natural language understanding and speech technologies.

Patented Speech-Enabled, PDA-based, Natural Language Processing Architecture

We license technology and creates systems that enable users to get answers from existing databases to questions posed in plain English, and they can do this using their smartphone in a hands-free, eyes-free manner. Other search engines do “document retrieval”, we do “answer retrieval”. When you ask “who are our top ten customers?”, the “answer” isn’t a collection of documents or web pages. The platform can be integrated into just about any existing or new application to create a natural human-machine interface to complex data stores, and can be deployed over the web or behind the firewall. Our patented technology architecture marries emerging technologies, such as voice recognition, text-to-speech, natural language processing and RFID, with database technology to deliver state-of-the art applications to wireless handheld devices and personal computers. This is a major step in truly “democratizing” information, especially for knowledge workers who already spend up to 30% of their time searching for answers. We’re doing this by driving the cost of asking a question and getting an immediate answer to near zero.


Mobile Multimodal Natural Language Search Architecture

Created a functional architecture that relied on the speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities of Microsoft Speech Server using Speech Application Language Tags, or SALT. On the back end, Microsoft English Query and Full-Text Indexing were used together for natural language processing. Knowledge of Pocket PC issues related to wireless networks, security and voice handling were critical to the success of the project. In the final stages, RFID technology was introduced (using Embedded C++ on the handheld) to add a proximity component and created true multimodal delivery. Multiple patents were submitted beginning in 2004 and awarded in beginning in 2008.


Hands-Free, Eyes-Free Technology Architecture for Aircraft Maintainers (SBIR Proposal)

We submitted a Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) proposal to determine the feasibility of a comprehensive hands-free, eyes-free technology architecture that enables Aircraft Maintainers to interact with maintenance, supply, or other legacy and emerging information technology (IT) systems at the point of maintenance. We proposed web-based architecture designed for thin-client use, putting most of the processing load on one or more behind-the-scenes servers to reduce end-point processing load. Because the smartphone endpoints actually require very little setup to integrate them into the system, downed endpoints can be quickly field-swapped from a local depot to insure a minimum of lost work time. Because the architecture is hosted on few distributed servers, deployment and maintenance are greatly simplified. This also simplifies the points of integration with existing legacy (and future) systems, especially through the use of industry standard Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Web Services, HTTP and XML interfaces.


Statewide Registries of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) to Support a National ALS Registry (CDC Proposal)

As a prime contractor partnered with subcontractor L3 Corporation, we competed for a project to develop statewide ALS registries in support of the creation of a national ALS registry. Even though we were not awarded the project, we gained significant experience in the subject matter area, including working with many of the most ALS advocates nationwide.