Portfolio Management System for Global Private Equity

For a leading global private equity we created a unique SaaS-based, end-to-end portfolio management system, supporting 18 offices worldwide, $3.5B in assets, over 300 completed deals, and over 200 people on four continents, hosted on our secure infrastructure. We turned a vast interconnected web of spreadsheets, formulas, lookups, and raw data into a world-class SaaS application that is transforming company operations. Includes full MicroStrategy integration, Whiteboard application, full Excel integration, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and many other capabilities.

Veterans Claims System (BeneVets)

BeneVets is a secure national SaaS system that assists Veterans Administration (VA)-accredited representatives (VSO’s and state agencies) with claim development, document management, and case management, greatly improving the accuracy of claims filed with the VA. It will soon be the first system to be able to submit claims electronically to the VA. The system also supports the BeneVets Card, a pre-paid card that helps veterans get their VA awards quickly and safely, and includes a nationwide pharmacy discount plan. The card acts like a checking account for non-banked and under-banked veterans, and homeless veterans as well. The system is licensed to BeneVets, LLC, and is hosted on our secure private cloud infrastructure.

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services has improved functionality of an existing service and created an efficient, effective and productive platform that benefits both the agency and the veterans it serves. The BeneVets Automated Claims Application allows the agency to develop and submit veteran claims to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs entirely through electronic processes. The application eliminates extensive paper usage, significantly reduces postage and supply cost and most importantly, decreases the time it takes for a veteran’s claim to move through the state and federal process. New quality controls significantly reduce errors; its use has substantially reduced the backlog of veterans’ claims. Virginia is the first and only state to utilize and implement a completely electronic veterans claims filing system.

Capital Campaign Management System

The client creates stewardship solutions that resource the vision of the local church. We created a comprehensive SaaS-based capital campaign management system, covering all aspects of the fundraising supply chain.

Online Lending System

Created one of the first SaaS-based online affiliate lending systems for the residential home marketplace.

Mesh Network Payment System Prototype

Created a prototype mobile application that integrates with smart vending machines and a mesh network-based payment network. Examples of this created by others can be seen here and here.

Banking System

For a major banking system, created a bank system to track commercial development loans, manage documents, track payments, and manage work schedules.

Check Processing Analysis

For the leading provider of financial electronic commerce services and products, we designed and developed a MICR check processing reject analysis package, used by almost every major bank.

Dynamic Discounting System Design

Designed and wireframed a SaaS-based system that will deliver dynamic discounting functionality to large organizations managing thousands of vendors and partners, and which will integrate with internal accounting and ERP systems.