Due Dilligence

Offsite/Onsite Technical and Business Assessment

Hired to research and analyze, via phone calls and an in-site visit, the software product and development team for a company immediately after an ownership change. Interviewed management and staff with the goals of evaluating both the macro and micro elements of the current software production process, including Quality Assurance, Support, Information Technology and Software Development. Produced an extensive, written report that included a detailed recounting of all information gathered, a short-term action plan, and detailed actionable next steps for both Development and non-Development areas.

Onsite IT Systems and Infrastructure Audit

Hired to perform a full audit of software, systems and technology and to create an automation/modernization plan, develop technology strategy and outline a migration roadmap. The main goal was to take out as much cost as possible in a responsible way.  Also assisted in locating and placing an interim CIO/CTO.

Total IT and Software Infrastructure Review and Assessment

Hired to perform a total review of current software system, development processes, IT portfolio and overall IT operational model in terms of efficiency, meeting new demands, scalability, sustainability and viability in supporting the company's technology and business roadmap. Performed on-site interviews of relevant management and staff. Created a Workforce Analysis, a comprehensive review of the employees, contractors and third party providers working within the IT organization, coupled with an immediately actionable strategy to increase efficiency and execute on cost savings opportunities. Created an IT Portfolio Management Analysis, a thorough inventory of existing and planned infrastructure, systems, applications, interfaces, standards and processes utilized by the IT workforce coupled with an integrated assessment and recommendations to assist with making important workforce capacity and allocation decisions based upon actual demand.