Virtual Meeting and Learning Platform

Created the ultimate virtual meeting tool, where meeting attendees go from passive listeners to active participants. The system's multi-pane approach and icon driven action allows individual customization with collaborative tools that provide real time results. The dual video option brings the personal touch back to your meetings and strengthens the communication bond. Creating the system required a very complex technology stack and extensive performance testing and tuning for effective operation at scale anywhere in the world. The platform is especially well-suited for online, interactive learning and training.  The system was recently recognized as one of CIO Reviews 20 Most Promising Education Tech Service Providers (2014).

Power Workbench 2.0

We worked with a leading marketing and sales messaging, tools, and skills company that helps global B2B companies create more sales opportunities, win more deals and increase sales profitability by improving the conversations salespeople have with customers. We created Power Workbench 2.0, a next generation platform for the automated (a) creation, revision and version control of Conversation Roadmaps and (b) production and publication of all models, tools and educational content associated with the client's Power Positioning and Power Messaging practices. Workbench 2.0 is used to build, manage and update Whiteboards, and in Power Positioning workshops to create Conversation Roadmaps. Roadmaps can be round-tripped to and from Microsoft Word in support of a hybrid online/offline collaboration process.

Whiteboard Presentation Management and Sales Force Enablement and Assessment

The client develops custom solutions for Global 2000 organizations that address the key challenges that impact sales effectiveness and performance, delivering a real-time learning experience based on the proven technique of white boarding, which ensures your field personnel will be able to tell your story to a C-level audience in a consistent, engaging and memorable way. Communicating effectively with this audience takes more than typical slide presentations, which can put distance between the sales representative and the audience. The system we created supports their service offerings, including modules for all aspects of creating, maintaining, and collaborating on whiteboard presentations, and also provides a unique toolset and framework for assessing and measuring sales force effectiveness.

RFI Sentry

Created RFI Sentry, a prototype global portal solution for preventing and identifying the source of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), providing satellite operators and users the ability to prevent costly RFI to satellite transponders and to quickly identify sources of transponder RFI from anywhere around the world. The system implements a revolutionary methodology to help prevent RFI, quickly identify the source of RFI, and resolve transponder conflicts. In addition to benefiting the Satellite Communications industry, the methodology can be applied to prevent or identify RFI in a wide range of fixed-frequency wireless RF communication networks where only a single transmitter is allowed within a given frequency range, physical destination, direction, or time including Terrestrial Microwave, WiMAX, Cellular or Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) RF Relay Stations.