Extensible Web- and EDI-Based Value Added Network

Created an extensible web- and EDI-based value added network (VAN), hosted on our infrastructure, connecting the largest transporter of vehicles from Europe to the US to their largest shipping partner, is one of the world’s largest companies in the transporting of rolling equipment. The system exchanges vehicle booking information in real time with both their transatlantic shipping partners and their manufacturer customers. The system communicates automatically with systems in both Europe and the US by exchanging ANSI X12 EDI packets and converting them into XML for consumption by a .NET-based system and vice versa. The system includes a complete web-based reporting and analysis system for support and maintenance.

Business, Marketing, and Financial Support

Worked with a software-analytics company focused on the integration of new technologies for the Smarter City, including the deployment of video and traffic analytics in major metro areas that provide a new level of traffic information that is broadcast to the web and accessible by mobile devices. We provided business advisement, marketing assistance, and technical mentoring, and helped them significantly in raising additional capital funding.

Software Development and IT Services

Supported and made extensive modifications to an existing reporting system and helped integrate it with a large, third-party system for a multi-location buy here, pay here automobile dealership. We served as their IT department, supporting their business-specific off-the-shelf software packages as well as maintaining and enhancing their custom operational software. We also provided assistance with any kind of hardware and networking problems that were encountered.


Created a custom desktop-based system used for automotive emissions testing and for communicating with a state’s vehicle inspection information database. The end product included a touchscreen monitor, laser printer, 1D / 2D barcode Scanner, and a gas cap checking device, and can accommodate the emission inspection through the use of the automobile’s on-board diagnostic computer (OBD).