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Johns Creek High School Rotary: Autonomous Car Ecosystem

Speaker:  Dave Bernard

Date: Thursday, January 11th

Autonomous vehicles are more than cars that drive themselves.  They are creating new markets and ecosystems for manufacturing, commerce and more.  The move to the driverless car revolution is inevitable, or is it? 
We'll discuss some key questions:  What is an Autonomous Car and when are they coming?  Why are they inevitable? Who is making this happen and how will they make it happen? What good and bad will come of it?  What are the biggest challenges?
Autonomous Driving is red hot these days. With Tesla's commercial launch of Autopilot, Google's cute urban car, Apple rumors, and OEM news from the LA Auto show, there is nothing capturing more interest, nor developing as quickly as self-driving cars. This revolution in mobility is a powerful illustration of the convergence of robotics, software, AI, machine learning, and energy, and will broadly deliver profound industry and societal effects in the very near future. This talk covers nearly all aspects of this quickly emerging ecosystem, and provides some insight into where it's likely to be in the next five years.

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Location:  Rotary Interact Club, Johns Creek School