The Riverside Company Case Study




Riverside case study expanding into europe and asia

Expanding Into Multiple Countries With Revolutionary Software

The Riverside Company is one of the leading private equity firms investing in premiere companies at the smaller end of the middle market. In 2007 all areas of the business were growing, but their ability to manage the firm's critical and complex information store was stagnating and threatening to cap business growth.

The Problem

Prior to The Intellection Group, the company maintained their quarterly financials of all investments in only excel spreadsheets. Maintaining these excel spreadsheets was tedious and time consuming. Turnaround time to produce a single consolidated report would take between 2-3 weeks.

With plans to expand the business into Asia and more European countries, the company needed a solution quickly that:

  • Automated information input and financial reporting

  • Was able to import all existing Excel data

  • Existed as their comprehensive operational software

After searching in vain for an "off-the-shelf" software solution. They even hired an outside consultant to solve the issue, but after 9 months of wasting time and money, they needed a permanent fix.

The Solution

The Riverside Company partnered with The Intellection Group to build a comprehensive management system that allowed them to:

  • Utilize existing workforce to take on new expansions

  • Streamline data capture and validation

  • Improve the control of workflow and internal business processes

  • Create reports with the push of a button

  • Eliminate silos of information by centralizing company data

As a result, The Intellection Group was able to create a unique world-classed-web-based application that transformed the Riverside Company's operations by converting their ecosystem of excel spreadsheets into a database environment that housed all of their financials and automated reporting. This system became known as BRAD (Big Riverside Automated Database) .

The Results

With BRAD, Riverside was able to manage 70+ companies over 10+ funds, a feat assumed impossible without spending hundreds of thousands on hiring. 

In late 2007, a new fund, at $1.2B, nearly four times as large as their previous largest fund, was created. Long time investors, which include the world's leading pension funds, endowments, funds-of-funds, insurance companies and banks, were baffled by Riverside's sudden capability to manage a four-fold increase in fund size.

With their new automated system, Riverside faced unprecedented growth and were able to expand their business into more European countries and even Asia.

Not only that, but further software capabilities are being developed through the ongoing relationship between Riverside and The Intellection Group to ensure their unprecedented growth capabilities supported by their software continue to grow.

  • Save countless hours of manual data entry

  • Facilitate business expansion into Europe and Asia

  • Consolidate existing operations from countless Excel documents into BRAD system

  • 4x fund size increase

Ready to see these kind of results?